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November Artlet Update

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I marked November with photos I have taken lately. I spent so much time sorting images and capturing new subject matter that I decided to make November’s Artlets like a small photo album.

Materials: One camera, imaged downloaded to the computer, cropped to the Artlet size (approx. 4″ high and 2″ wide), photo paper and printer! Voilá, November’s Artlets were born!

Hope you enjoy the pen-ultimate installment of 2012 Artlets! 29 days and counting and I will have fulfilled my personal goal – I can’t believe the year is almost over…

Meanwhile, celebrate with me: I arrived in Canada 33 years today!

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20 thoughts on “November Artlet Update

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary 😉

    I love your photos – I’m a dreadful photographer, but I’m slowly learning…


    • Thanks, Dianne! Taking great photos is just practice! Take that camera everywhere you go and start clicking. Once you get home to the computer, download the images and delete what didn’t turn out – no use “wasting” memory on your computer when the images are not so great.


  2. Linda Dirkson on said:

    We are so lucky you joined our Canadian family Anna and you continue to share and inspire us every day.


  3. Nelly Kamphuis on said:

    Congratulations on the 33rd anniversary, and thank you for helping to enrich art in this wonderful country of ours! Your November Artlets are wonderful and I look forward to seeing what the next (and final?) month will bring!


  4. Bonnie Chalmers on said:

    Anna, so glad that you chose Canada to be your home. We all benefit from the decision as you bring color and imagination to the artful mix. I enjoy your posts and hopefully am getting some of your talent ideas by osmosis! Am truly amazed at how much you accomplish.


  5. What an accomplishment – 11 months of artlets. Love-em! Oh my, I think I will miss them in January but, “onward and upward” as they say.


  6. You certainly succeeded in making me hungry. The pictures take on a whole new dimension when cropped. Wish I could come close in capturing my quilts in photos. Always, always look forward to your postings.


    • If I made you hungry I must have captured the essence of the food. My special interest is actually close up (macro) photography – there was very little cropping involved, in fact I only re-sized the images to the Artlet size. So much fun – so little time. I am embarking on some holiday baking soon… there are more images in the future!


  7. Congratulations! And love the images and the cropping. The Pomegranites are gorgeous


    • Thanks, Alice! I had a lot of fun with the pomegranates… from individual seeds to the way they are safely embedded in their “shell” – they provided countless hours of photography joy!


  8. Leona Larsen on said:

    Thanks for the eye candy again. Love your photos. I need a camera like yours and a lesson or two. So beautiful. You make my day when I get to view all that you see with your wonderful artists sense and cameral. Leona


  9. Hi Anna,
    Canada ia certainly the one who benefitted from your arrival !!!! Your enthusiasm for the art world and life in general is contagious and I feel lucky to know you!

    I love the artlets – the food is such a unique subject in so small an object!

    Is that the art piece out in your yard that you were mentioning in your blog? It is indeed beautiful and adds a burst of colour on grey days.


    • Thanks for the enthusiastic feedback, Karen!
      When days get dull and grey I look to the yard for my kinetic sculpture and capture food up close! There is so much color in the world – we don’t always have to travel to exotic places to find it!


  10. Marilyn Clulow on said:

    Congratulations Anna on your arrival in Canada. You have certainly brought much to the mix of this unique country of ours and we are certainly lucky to have your talent and skills which you continue to share with us. thank you, Serafina


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