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…And the Winner is!

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It’s official – we have three winners. During the early morning hours of December 7th I drew three names from the “basket”. I had added names faithfully each time a person left a comment or signed on as a new follower. Even those who responded simply by clicking on the “like” button earned their chance of winning one of the hand-dyed pieces of fabric with a spool of thread.

Congratulations to Katina, Leona and Linda! And thank you to all who have helped me reach another goal. By midnight December 6th I had 36,0036 views on Anna Hergert Design in 366 days!!! I am in awe of how well received the blog has been. I am setting new goals for the second year and am ready to share and exchange!

Enjoy your Sunday! Only sixteen days till Christmas…

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10 thoughts on “…And the Winner is!

  1. Linda Dirkson on said:

    Thank you so much Anna! I feel so lucky to have a piece of your hand dyed. The fabric continues to create “night sky” pictures in my mind.


  2. Katina on said:

    I am so excited to be a winner. I’ll be watching for the mail. What an awesome Christmas gift. I look forward to your words of wisdom and have learned so much. Many more people will join your blog in the coming year. We will all be sharing.


  3. Congratulations girls!! Anna’s fabrics are amazing!!


  4. Anna, I am not surprised at the success of your blog. Your positive outlook is one reason. Another is that you share useful and inspiring ideas. And a third is your wonderful photographs.

    I look forward to this coming year of continued inspiration.


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