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The little things…

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…add up, especially around Christmas!

This is the time of the year when I take the month off from the business end of teaching. I already talked about pot-lucks and studio tours on the agenda in my last post. When the wind blows the snow around the house and studio I have to fight with myself to get out for a walk. Yesterday was one of those days – thank goodness for my friend and neighbor. Her determination to stay fit is a great motivator to get me outside. We walked for an hour in -12 C weather with the wind blowing from the east. We were bundled up and focused on moving. Walking is the one option I have at the moment. Looks like we need more snow to make the lake ice smooth out for cross country skiing. You know it is bad when the snow mobiles are absent due to the uneven snow cover. At least it is nice and quiet, only the occasional high pitch of augers indicating the carving of another fishing hole into the ice disrupt the silence.

With a quiet Christmas ahead I am not fussing much this year. I have baked a few cookies, but since Colin and I will be the only ones eating them I better not combine more butter, sugar, eggs and flour.

In the past I began my knitting projects by the end of September. This year I just started. There have been so many “distractions” that I was lacking the motivation and time to pull out the wool basket and needles. It feels good to combine knit, purl and yarn overs while playing with color in the evenings.

Speaking of color: the achromatic palette in the landscape is dominating this winter. We are not used to gray sky on the prairies. Better weather is in the forecast and I can’t wait to see individual clouds on azure blue during the day and bright stars at night. Meteor showers are predicted for the early morning hours tomorrow – I have my camera ready but won’t get too excited yet.

What will your Christmas bring this year? Are you ready? And for those celebrating Hanukkah: Has this week been a time to gather with friends and family? Let me know what makes this time of the year so special. Share one custom or impression that makes this a time to remember. That is what the comment section is perfect for…

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10 thoughts on “The little things…

  1. Linda Dirkson on said:

    Each year as we are taking down the Christmas tree decorations Wayne writes a note to himself about his expectations (and concerns) for himself and the family for the coming year. He tucks it away in the box and we then get to read it the next year when it is time to set up the Christmas tree again. It’s fun to see what he was thinking about a year ago and compare it to what actually happened throughout the year.


  2. Marilyn CLULOW on said:

    I have to say that I am such a tropical flower that the thought of trudging through the snow in minus weather gives me the screaming heebee geebers. I escape the winter but I do knit, check out the best yarn shop in the world. www. in Montreal. I also spend the time making gifts for all the children and grandchildren for Xmas, but I do no baking. When the kids were little we all slept through most of Xmas day so it was too late to cook the turkey, so we had it on Boxing day, so over 40 years later, the tradition is Xmas dinner on Boxing Day. Presents on Xmas morning , then a brunch , much less stressful. Serafina


    • This sounds like a great way to spend quality time with the family. About trudging through the icy landscape… it is mind over matter, for the most part. The sky cleared ay sunset… I am hoping for a starry night!


  3. Leona Larsen on said:

    My daughter is a writer and journalist and she always write the most beautiful and interesting letters with the gifts she sends. The gifts are always home made using many of earths’ fabrics. I have been remiss in not saving all the the wonderful notes, but have made a promise to save the many yet to come before I leave this planet. I really should put them into a small album for her to find when she cleans out my house. I am a realist that is for sure to be talking about demise at our Hanukkha and Christmas season. Leona


  4. My Dad always wrote hints on the packages, usually nothing to do with the gift, but my brother and I would try to guess. When I married, my husband and I began to do the same with our kids. Now they are married with kids and everyone expects those little hints, even though most of them are far away and get gift cards. A tradition started more than 60 years ago.


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