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Artlet Update and Happy New Year!

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This is IT!! A new year – may it be filled with health, happiness, prosperity and countless creative opportunities! All the best for 2013 to all the readers of this blog.

Each New Year’s Eve I take time to clean up the studio and tie up loose ends. Yesterday this also included taking pictures of the last 31 Artlets for 2012. I did it – 366 Artlets over the course of the year.

I started out in January investing a lot of time each day painting, gluing, stamping, stitching and layering to create a unique piece that might or might not reflect the activity of that particular day. Enthusiasm and a relatively “light” schedule early in 2012 made this a time I truly looked forward to.

Then my schedule changed to traveling and teaching. I was committed and even packed a small art kit with my class supplies. I persevered. By June I ran out of steam – just a little. August was strongly influenced with a wedding theme. September was spent in the camper traveling, connecting with students and friends. When I returned to the studio in October I was tired and not very motivated – I was beginning to count down to the end of the year and struggled trying to come up with Artlet inspiration to keep up the daily creative practice. You may recall that I chose to use my pictures for November which reconfirmed my commitment to finish the self-imposed goal for one Artlet a day for 2012.

Late November arrived with snow and very cold temperatures – I was not too excited about venturing outside and braving the cold on a daily basis. While decorating the house for Advent I came across a stack of Christmas cards from years past. I have a hard time parting with cards and letters. For once this habit (good or bad) served me well: I moved the cards to the studio and began to select 31 cards to cut into the 2″ x 4″ Artlet size. Some of you may consider this “cheating” – I had a goal to reach. In the end I felt that cutting up the cards to continue my journal practice was a creative way to incorporate recycling into the 2012 Artlet Project.

The slide show today is the 12th and final Artlet update! Thank you for your interest, your comments and encouragement over the past year. The project provided me with creative opportunities, to think out of the box, a way to keep a journal on a daily basis and a way to recycle a good number of art and household supplies. If you are interested in viewing January’s through November’s Artlets, click on the months listed below.

January 2012 Artlets

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June 2012 Artlets

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September 2012 Artlets

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November 2012 Artlets

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10 thoughts on “Artlet Update and Happy New Year!

  1. Susan Easton on said:

    Hi Anna, I thought using your Christmas cards as artlets was very inspirational. It is amazing what ideas can be generated by cropping, using the rule of thirds, etc. I’m going to take a look at my cards and view them through a 2×3 mat and see what parts of the card speak to me. Thanks again for another great idea!


  2. Judithkh on said:

    Anna what scenic December artlets with which to end the year 2012. Thank you. As with other artlet you have created each day this year, they will inspire many I am sure.
    I also enjoy recycling pretty greeting cards in different ways but had not thought of doing so by ‘extracting’ artlets from them. What a great idea! As of today, January 2, 2013 I have set myself up to follow in your artlet footsteps by creating at least one artlet every day for the next 365 days. Whoe-e-e!
    Best wishes to you and yours for a truly memorable and enjoyable 2013.
    judithkh in Regina


  3. Bev Cooper on said:

    Happy New Year and al the best for 2013! Can’t thank you enough for posting such wonderful photographs – very inspiring! Love all your Artlets too!


  4. Anna, I always am happy to receive notice of your next posting. Your realistic commitment to these little cards has been an inspiration.


  5. Donna Tremblay on said:

    Happy absolutely wonderful!!you always give me a positive feeling and I say to myself can do it, whatever ‘IT’ is. Thank you.. Thank you..thank you ..keep smiling!! best wishes from our house to yours…..Donna


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