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Words to ponder…

Focus deep withinMy new mini calendar with Eastern wisdom featured this Hindu quote yesterday: He is a real teacher who not only instructs others, but practices the same instruction himself.

It was indeed an apt quote! I began the year with some preparatory work for my upcoming design classes. This means that not only do I contact my students with last minute info, but I also begin to review the curriculum I am about to embark on. I take time to review the handouts and core information prior to teaching a particular workshop. Last year I completely rewrote my teaching notes and student handouts for the design classes, hence investing countless hours. 2013 requires only minor corrections and additions.

Focusing on the design information always serves me well. It sparks new ideas, often leading to mini brain storming sessions for new work. This year does not disappoint. I have several pages of notes and inspiration that await further research, preliminary exploration, sampling and eventually the creation of a new series.

I look forward to getting to know each and every design student. Last year’s group was filled with enthusiasm, tremendous determination and a strong desire to learn. Their work was showcased during my Open Studio in June and lead to immediate registrations resulting in forming two groups this year. I can hardly wait to welcome everyone and watch each person’s progress during the first half of 2013. There will be photos and regular updates – and once again a showcase is scheduled for June.  But I am getting ahead of myself…

For now I am setting up the studio, review the handouts and take them to be printed… It’s a new year and a clean slate!

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7 thoughts on “Words to ponder…

  1. Best of luck with the class and have a great 2013 😉


  2. Enjoy your classes and students, and may it be a wonderfully creative year! What a gorgeous image! (What is it?)
    Have a wonderful 2013.


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