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Mid-Winter Reality Check: Yearning for Color!!!

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Enough already! Enough of what, you may ask?… If you live in the southern hemisphere you won’t understand my “cry for color”. If you live in Western Canada you will be climbing on the proverbial bandwagon right beside me.

This year winter is really getting me down. When I think back to September I realize why: We arrived home from six weeks on the road, leaving behind the lush colors of Algonquin Park to settle back home in a landscape that had not seen moisture for six weeks. Imagine: Sun dried, parched fields as far as the eye can see. Leaves turned from green to brown over night, and other than blue sky no color that would capture my interest.

Winter arrived at the beginning of November and has not left. We have snow, lots of it! Snow shoeing and ice fishing conditions are excellent, but then there is the icy wind that makes most days feel as if we have moved to the North Pole.

Most winters we enjoy blue sky and few clouds, even between snow fall events. This winter greatly disappoints! Yesterday plans for an excursion to town were abandoned due to blowing snow and icy roads. My mood plummeted and I retreated to the studio where I decided to sort photos. I came across images from the dye class at Emma Lake from July 2011.

Browsing through the files I began to feel better immediately. With my back to the window I ignored the achromatic landscape and feasted on images of color and smiling faces. It made me look forward to next summer already when I bring together a group of fiber enthusiasts at Shekinah Retreat Center, a great location near Saskatoon. If you are new to the blog you can find more information about the August Master Class here! Looking ahead to what is promising to become a yearly gathering my outlook is much brighter. I can do this! I can get through another few weeks of white and grey…

Thanks for letting me vent! Time for you to share what gets you through days that lack color and excitement!

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8 thoughts on “Mid-Winter Reality Check: Yearning for Color!!!

  1. Marilyn Clulow on said:

    I escape. I run as far away from the winter as possible. Right now I am in Ecuador for 3 months with my sewing machine and many projects. Originally from the Caribbean, I am not a winter fan even after 50 years here.,I feel so lucky to be able to escape. Loved your slideshow. Serafina


  2. Judy kelly on said:

    Anna, you are not alone. We (NL)have a blizzard warning,70 cm of snow and 120 km of wind!!! How is that for winter?Your slideshow was wonderful!


  3. Dianne firth on said:

    Yes, also dreaming of colorful summer days.


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