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Baby, it’s cold out there….

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Experiencing the symptoms of “cabin fever” for the past week, we were encouraged by the weather forecast for Saturday morning: Sunshine! We neglected to look at the temperature prediction… It was time to give our cameras a workout. I was in desperate need for design inspiration! Give me some color, show me line and texture… Let’s see what nature had in store for us!

We were all packed and ready to go at first light, not venturing too far from home but far enough to get a change of scenery. In other words, I was growing tired of the same old tree branch with the sun shining through.

At our destination a couple kilometers “down the road” I jumped out of the car and immediately started focusing on the snowdrifts in the parking lot. Incredible what a full day of continuous snowfall and wind can create! The folds, the creases – truly amazing!

I fastened my snowshoes, threw the camera bag over my shoulder and headed out on the frozen lake. The wind was blowing but I was not going to give in to the elements today! I was captivated by the snow cover. Rippled and draped horizontally by the constant wind I  dropped to my knees to capture the patterns with the first sun rays on the horizon. It was still too dark to achieve the optimal picture but I think you get the idea with image 3 of the slideshow above.

Arriving at an area with willow and brush at the same time the sun formed a full golden circle and illuminated the icy snow at my feet I realized just how cold it really was. Pulling my mittens on and off to adjust the settings on the camera finally had its affect. My fingers were throbbing with pain that is impossible to describe – my personal warning signal that I should turn around and warm up.

It felt like I was walking for hours to get back to the car – it was less than five minutes! I was never so glad to close the car door behind me. This is what happens when I haven’t seen the sun for a while: I get so enthusiastic about the promise of color in the landscape that I don’t check all the facts…

On the way home Colin calmly commented: “Well, no wonder you are so cold. It’s minus 26 C outside and with the wind it’s at least minus 35 C.”

I am glad my camera didn’t freeze, but best of all: I had my color fix for the weekend!

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12 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold out there….

  1. Cathy Willoughby on said:

    Beautiful pics Anna. It’s been 15C here this weekend. I had to turn back on my walk today because the creek had overflowed and the path was under 4 inches of fast flowing water. BUT that western cold will be here next week.


  2. Your pictures capture the cold bone chilling temps of the prairies. Not missing it, although we did have some blowing snow, slippery roads and stay in days. Today it is 3 degrees but no sun. Couple of feet of snow covering the yard and lots of animal tracks. The deer have found our yard, but sneak in at the dead of night. Munched on the holly bush until it was pruned quite nicely. Now they have set their sights on the perimidial cedars. Still hope to cature some frozen ice on the rocks as the tide leaves and if I do will send them along.


    • Katina – your winter sounds a whole lot more enjoyable. Takes me back to growing up in Germany. We had snow but not this bone chilling cold. When it is – 10 C in Germany we thought it was the worst cold ever… Can’t wait to see some ice pictures!


  3. Grasshopper Girl on said:

    Hey Anna,
    Love the pictures, especially the way more colours filled the cold world as the sun came up. I guess you can call it a gift of thenGreat White North!


  4. Flo London on said:

    Anna, the photos are beautiful and inspiring. I truly love “snowscapes” and here in Chicago it was 50 F yesterday. Thank you for braving the elements!


    • I was in Chicago four years ago this time. There was a snow storm after I got there – many thought I brought it along… I did enjoy seeing your city with snow. Great memories. Thanks for commenting, Flo!


  5. Eileen Bayda on said:

    The photos are truly inspiring. Glad to hear that your fingers are still working. Take care.


  6. Hi Anna, Crazy lady out in the cold — but beautiful photos!!! I can only remember when I got this excited about snow was at the top of a ski run!!!! (much younger of course).


    • Crazy indeed – I wasn’t that excited about the snow… just searching for design inspiration identifying color, texture and line and forgot all about the low temperature till it was too late and hands were too cold to do much of anything!


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