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From Inspiration to Design off to a Great Start!

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“Attitude is the mind’s paintbrush; it can color any situation.” Unknown

It’s that time of the year: January marks the beginning of the design workshop in my studio. The weather cooperated: Friday and Saturday saw two separate groups of enthusiastic students claim the space in the studio.

Recognizing line, shape and understanding value were on the agenda, or more correctly, the curriculum. We employed design forks to isolate and select, traced lines and shapes, used shading to introduce value and in the end introduced color back to put smiles on everyone’s face… Each afternoon groups of tired students left with homework lists decrypted and ideas swirling in their heads.

Two very diverse groups have embarked on a journey into design – I can’t wait to see what everyone comes back with for their tutorials in February.

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10 thoughts on “From Inspiration to Design off to a Great Start!

  1. Ginger Scott on said:

    The workshop looks fabulous. Wish I was there. Thanks for sharing, again.


  2. What a great workshop. i wish I were there too.


  3. This is a great start, Anna! What a lovely job you have 😉


  4. Katina on said:

    Good thing you don’t have our snow, rain, ice, and all round yucky weather. Lots of ice yesterday, but too dangerous to be on the roads. You have some very lucky students.


    • I think I am the lucky one!! I get to stay home and the students come to me! Lynn drove all the way from North Battleford and back yesterday. There was snow, there was ice, there was wind – Friday was less pleasant, but yesterday the sun shone. One of the students who was scheduled to come yesterday took a bad fall on the ice in Moose Jaw and broke her wrist in the morning. I am waiting to hear how her surgery went. Life is never without unexpected road blocks… but we made the best of two days of learning.


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