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Gearing up for workshops close to home and far away!

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Look who is peeking in through the window of the studio!

Watching the busy squirrel is contagious… I am in the process of checking and updating my calendar for 2013 and 2014. I realize it will be another full year with a strong focus on teaching. The design workshop is now underway and I can direct my attention to February.

I am teaching close to home, the Moose Jaw quilt guild has reserved February 9th and 10th for my embellishment workshop “Elements That Please”. The workshop is confirmed and I understand it is open to non-guild members. If you live close to Moose Jaw, this may be of interest to you. Details on who to contact for more info or to register can be found here.

My decision from last year didn’t carry over: I have several bookings each month for workshops, lectures and Art Quilt Campus. Speaking of Art Quilt Campus 2013: The past weekend brought two more registrations resulting in only one spot remaining. Who would have expected this?… If you think you might be interested in the last spot check out details on the November 22nd, 2012 blog post describing the venue. The registration form and workshop outline can be downloaded from that page as well.

Last week brought two unexpected invitations: I am invited to judge and teach at the Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, California in October, shortly after I return from a week of teaching in Italy and prior to lecturing in Saskatoon and Edmonton. So much to do – so little time…

Updating the calendar on my website made me realize that I am fully booked for this year. I made a decision to take July off so I can spend time at home – this will be the first July at the lake years.

What about exhibiting? I hear your questions now! Over the past years I have had one or two solo exhibitions each year.  I have made the decision to take 2013 off from exhibiting. I will submit to a few calls for entries with existing work as long as it fits the perimeters of the individual shows, but my focus is on “filling the well” and experimentation in the studio when I am home and in the studio.

My year is set – there will be few idle moments. I will keep you posted on changes and updates!

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14 thoughts on “Gearing up for workshops close to home and far away!

  1. When and where are you going to be at in Edmonton?


  2. marginmirror on said:

    Now that I have my City & Guilds Level 2, I’m into ‘production mode’ for the April 2013 Annual Lacombe Art Show & Sale. However, I’ve noted carefully your ‘year off’ decision…and wonder…when one is starting out, what sort of time frame should one use to determine when to take a year off (I don’t teach — and don’t plan to, at this point)? I would like to get a show in the Alberta Craft Council ‘Discovery Gallery’ or the Visual Arts Alberta space at Harcourt House but aside from that and the Lacombe Show — and perhaps a few pieces in the local Gallery on Main in Lacombe, I don’t have plans for larger venues…I am older than you and haven’t a Colin to help…Any advice? Thanks!


    • Hi Margaret and congrats on finishing Level 2 C&G. Well done!
      Regarding your questions… each artist has a personal energy level. Colin has nothing to do with my art practice. He supports me more with business related tasks (book keeping, packing the car for workshops and the likes).
      The best practice as an emerging artist is to take each challenge one step at a time. Don’t book yourself too tightly (been there done that and got completely overwhelmed…). The best motto is to work your art every day. I wrote a number of posts in October 2012 sharing personal insights about “Moving Toward Exhibition”. You may find some answers to your questions in these posts. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please don’t hesitate to email me privately.


  3. Anna I sent you an email but haven’t had a reply. Where can I buy your Kantha book?
    PS What gorgeous lead light windows your studio has


    • Thanks, Munaiba. I have emailed you privately about the book.
      The leaded glass panels are actually outside my studio on the deck. They belong to a gazebo that provides shelter from the sun during the warmer seasons.


  4. Anna – you are so busy, I’m tired just reading this! A big congrats on the invitation to teach at Pacific International Quilt Festival! You’re going to have a wonderful year 😉

    btw – I love the squirrel (and that beautiful glass panel – I’m learning how to make these this year) 😉


    • Staying busy is good – at least for me! I thrive on the constant challenges of change, traveling and teaching is part of that. I can’t wait to explore new territory… Yes, the squirrel – it comes and visits nearly every day in search of special morsels. The glass panel is part of my summer gazebo that provides shade from the extreme heat. I always wanted to learn how to create these panels – good for you!!! Will you integrate your stained glass into your new home and studio?


      • Absolutely! I have french doors that would look beautiful with the lead-lighting panels and also little windows above each door. I’m starting with the windows (start small they say!) I’m currently setting up a workshop in our shed and have a friend who is going to teach me how to do it. It’s very exciting! I’ll have to put some pictures up when I’ve completed my first window 😉


      • Good luck – can’t wait to see how you progress!


  5. I am out of breath just reading your plans!!!! Congrats on the teaching and judging in California! I am taking one day at a time trying to get my health back to ‘normal’. My one commitment is to create a ‘masterpiece’ on Copper for the SAQA Radical Elements exhibit. I am one of 40 artists that were chosen for this, so I am proud to have made the ‘cut!


  6. Congrats on the teaching and judging in California Anna! That’s very exciting! And thanks for the blog I’m keeping up on your class. I’m in Scottsdale taking a class from Rayna Gillman and having fun printing cloth.


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