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Brief Respite…

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Last Friday and Saturday the sun was brave enough to come out and with it we had stunning blue sky. On our way into town Friday afternoon I did the unthinkable – I left my camera at home… and I missed some great photo ops. The light was incredible everywhere I turned. The tall grasses, dried up bull rushes and weeds along the road cast long shadows providing a strong contrast against the icy surface of the snow. A snowy owl was perched on a road sign…

You get the idea – and I can’t share a picture.

I was better prepared on Saturday, but the clear blue sky had changed and shadows were non-existent. Determined to give my camera a bit of a workout I took advantage of the time just before sunset. An accumulation of snow pushed into a field near a major intersection created dramatic shadows. Once I downloaded the images I was reminded of hiking and skiing in the mountains (in a past life) – who would have thought I could find this on the flat prairies??

I climbed the huge chunks of snow and ice and witnessed a stunning sunset despite the clouds. By Sunday the grey weather and snow had returned. Monday brought fog and snow is on the agenda again for today, a day to work in the studio!!

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6 thoughts on “Brief Respite…

  1. Judithkh on said:

    It takes very observant eyes and skillful camera work indeed to garner these slumbering white giants, magical snow creatures and stunning skies from ploughed snow piles at an intersection on the flat plain of Saskatchewan. Good for you Anna – your camera capture of them will shirley ignite the imaginations of many. Will we see these in equally stunning fibre works in future I wonder? Let’s hope!


    • Thanks, Judith- climbing these ice formations was an adventure all on its own. Capturing the images were a bonus. I am not sure if I will translate these into fabric, for now I will use the color, line and shape for inspiration.


  2. You’ve caught the Rocky Mtns of the prairies. How interesting the way the eye and mind can be fooled by an unusual perspective.


  3. It’s usually when I’ve forgotten my camera that I see the most brilliant things 😉 Having said that, the pictures you took on Sunday are stunning…


    • Thanks – and think, “the mountains” are just a pile of snow and ice chunks piled by the side of the road. I saw them the day before glistening in the late afternoon sunshine… I wish I had the camera with me then!!!


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