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Just the Other Day…

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… our mailbox contained a large squishy envelope from my friend Mary. In it I found a recipe, an article from Canadian Geographic about Aurora Borealis activity for 2013, and best of all it revealed a stack of 42 used dryer sheets.

Those who have known me for a while, or might have participated in a workshop over the years might know that this inclusion was better than flowers. It is the gift that keeps on giving… and it helps me in my creative endeavors. This little stash of 6″ x 10″ non-woven polyester gossamer sheets lit a proverbial fire and sparked my newest textile piece.

Earlier this week I mentioned that I had started a larger version of “Memories of Italy”. I stretched a light weight canvas to a 8′ x 4′ sheet of high density styrofoam and set out with sketching the outline. With the under-painting of the portal complete and drying, I spread  protective plastic sheets on the floor and spent the better part of two days treating recycled dryer sheets with acrylic washes, layer by layer. Mary’s 42 sheets were quickly transformed to emulate the texture and color of distressed rock and stone structures. In the corner where I store my transparent fabrics I located several large shopping bags filled with additional recycled dryer sheets. These were gifted by various friends and neighbors when they dropped by for coffee or dinner. I have collected the dryer sheets for years and with an over abundance of “stock” was able to comfortably augment the first stack. A safe motto for me when preparing for a new art project is to always gather and prepare more supplies than initially planned. I eventually added additional rust stained hues and a variety of darker shades for the areas where shadows will support the dimensional quality of the piece.

The last lot of painted dryer sheets are spread out and drying on the floor while I am preparing this blog post. In real time I am teaching a workshop today, but with advanced technology I was able to schedule this entry to avoid any interruption in my self-imposed goal of three blog posts a week. The coming week offers little opportunity for my own art. I will make the best of moments here and there, utilizing precious time to begin the collage process while also preparing for session two of the design workshop.

I am curious to see how I progress. The good news: I have a tendency to devote more time to my art when I am also working on my teaching schedule… it sounds paradoxical but based on past history I sacrifice sleep for creativity! I bet there are a few readers who can relate.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Add some creativity to your day and week…

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6 thoughts on “Just the Other Day…

  1. Gwen from California on said:

    Wow Anna I am loving this dryer sheet art. Your project looks fabulous. I did finish the dryer sheet book cover and gave it to my son’s fiancé for Christmas. It was not easy to give up because it turned out pretty nice and I loved it. But the minute she opened and looked at it, I knew it was worth it because she absolutely loved it and no one could believe it was made from used dryer sheets. I did take pictures and will try to email them to you. Thanks for your tutorial – such a fun project!


    • Hi Gwen, Glad to hear you enjoyed the process. I think you deserve to make a book cover for yourself! I also gave away a couple of the dryer sheet book covers when I first developed the idea – and the look on people’s faces were worth the effort I put into creating them. Stay creative!


  2. ekhaugli on said:

    Anna, I love it! I can’t wait to see the final piece. I’m so inspired that I want to go down to the gallery and start working on a large piece as well. I have a 120 x 140 cm canvas calling out my name 🙂 I knew you worked with dryer sheets and it’s fun to see the proecess. I really like the natural textures you can create on them. Best of luck with your workshops and this piece. I know all about being more creative with there is a lot to do.


  3. Donna Tremblay on said:

    WOW!!!CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE FINISHED PROJECT.What a wonderful project.
    It most be the time for spring. I have been having a hard time getting myself into the artist mode.You have inspired me Thanks for making my day. Donna


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