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Diving Deep into Design…

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I am getting a late start today. A little low energy after two long days of teaching and mentoring is quickly combated with a fragrant cup of cappuccino and I am off to download images from the second design session in the studio.

Friday morning greeted us with dense fog, and I was worried about students traveling from a distance. Everyone arrived in good time and individual tutorials were soon under way. The day flew by with sharing sessions, color studies, creating triskele and Mon designs, essentially unlocking new possibilities that will provide inspiration for years to come.

Saturday the sun was shining and illuminated the landscape. With the bright weather everyone was carrying big smiles into the studio. A repeat of Friday with tutorials, color analyzing exercises, active sharing and discussion, sampling and creating original circular designs made the day fly by.

Today’s images provide a small glimpse into students’ progress. Everyone was beginning to fade by 5 p. m. when we bid good-by. As of late Saturday night I have already heard from one eager participant who is venturing into further research of her chosen topic. Soon we will gather again to exchange knowledge and experiences and move forward to creating a specific piece for the exhibition in June.

Thank you everyone who has made a commitment to the design workshop this year. Despite a long and harsh winter I have two full classes that are challenging me to strive to ignite a passion for design, to never see the world in the same light again… At this time I feel that everyone is stretching their design muscle and gaining strength!

Time to finish my cappuccino and head over to the studio to tidy up. I might even venture outside for a walk in the snow. With giant snow flakes falling winter has returned with full force!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Diving Deep into Design…

  1. The excitement is catchy! Reading your posts and viewing pictures ,I can hardly wait till the student show in June.


  2. ekhaugli on said:

    `Looking forward to seeing the progress and the final pieces. Exciting!


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