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Sunday again – so soon?

Sunrise Feb. 24.2012My header sums it up – it is Sunday and I feel the past week just slipped through my fingers. Where did the time go? What did I get accomplished?

In one sentence: Not much happened in the studio. When I examine each day in retrospect I realize that I was not idle. Monday was a holiday. I spent part of the day reorganizing the studio after the weekend class and and creating the patchwork sample in support of  Tuesday’s blog post. We then headed over to our  neighbor friends to catch up. They just returned from a holiday in the sun. A cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and pictures of beaches, sunsets, exotic fruit and flowers with was just what we needed to break up the proverbial mid-winter doldrums!

Tuesday brought a day of city adventure, errands, catching up with my friend  Susan, whom I had not seen since last spring, and the photography club meeting. Greg Johnson, the tornado hunter based in Regina, SK was the presenter. It was well worth staying into the evening… until we got on the road. Blowing snow, ice, overturned cars lining the roads we traveled on made this a harrowing trip home. The next morning we heard that the roads were closed all around. Sub-zero temperatures kept me close to the house. I had a day of computer work and Wednesday slipped by. There was book club in the evening and a lively discussion about last month’s choice (Practical Jean by Trevor Cole) ended the day on a high note.

Thursday brought a full day of CQA/ACC work. When I looked up it was 6 pm. Despite best intentions and my firm resolution to devote half the day to my own creative explorations it wasn’t meant to be. The good thing about a day like that: I was all caught up with paperwork and letter writing.

Friday brought sunshine and springlike temperatures. When my friend Leslie called and invited me to walk I could not pass off the opportunity. I had been cooped up much too long, and the previous day’s eight hours on the computer without much physical movement had me convinced immediately that exercise had to be the theme of the day. 2 hours and 12 km later the day was pretty much complete.

Saturday another friend and her husband arrived for lunch. Lynn and I found some time to catch her up from last week’s class which she had to miss due to illness. We talked weaving, spinning and creativity – the day flew by.

It is Sunday, and I am about to spend the afternoon in a CARFAC board meeting. The positive part of this involvement is that I truly enjoy the professional conduct and the knowledge I gain from participating in these meetings. I feel I have my finger on the pulse when it comes to artists and the various agencies we have access to for support and information.

It is a glorious day outside and in all honesty: I would much rather be exploring the landscape with my camera. But this has to wait until my obligations have been fulfilled – maybe there is time to capture the sunset tonight? The image featured today was taken one year ago today at sunrise. I know, I posted similar images last year of this stunning sunrise. When I searched for images to share today it called out to me. I vividly remember the morning I took this image. So much has changed in one year – and yet so much has stayed the same…

Enjoy your day! Remember: Don’t fret if you didn’t get everything accomplished you had set out for yourself last week. Join me in pursuing creativity in a brand-new week!

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6 thoughts on “Sunday again – so soon?

  1. Vivian Farrar on said:

    Bar none, you have the most thought-provoking, relevant and articulate posts I have read. Every day I find myself looking forward to what you have to say, and marvel at how you manage to make even the most mundane tasks seem important, interesting and worthwhile.
    Thank you and here’s hoping you never tire of posting on your blog.


  2. It was a busy week here, but I too feel in a blue funk. Not accomplishing the things I should. So today I tried to change that. I am wrestling with continuing my CQA membership. Still four months to decide but there are many other places that money would give me far more creative information.


    • Katina, with today’s economic climate it is important to be selective and support those organizations that you feel are worthwhile. As a Canadian and a professional fiber artist I feel passionate when it comes to supporting my country’s primary quilting organization.


  3. dianeduncanart on said:

    This post makes me feel better about my week! When I look back I did accomplish a lot! I need to appreciate my accomplishments more….


    • My main motto is to do one creative act a day! Last week it fell short – but I am starting the next week in a much better frame of mind. I spent about two hours chasing the light at sunset. What a treat!


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