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First Signs…

First signsWe are expecting another winter surprise… I knew I shouldn’t have bragged about the few glorious sunny days last week – the forecast is for freezing rain and major snowfall finishing Monday night.

I will not let this one get me down! After all, it is March and this month brings the first day of spring. I spent some time this morning looking for first signs of spring. I could have uploaded a photo of the muddy road with beautiful line patterns created by overnight freezing. Instead I opted to capture a picture of my Korean Maple. Every year around this time my sorry looking tree shows first signs of life. Last week the first buds began to break, and today the fragile tree we overwinter indoors once again shows lacey leaves and soft color. This is my reassurance that warmer weather and abundant color will soon arrive.

When it comes to work in the studio I am still concentrating on various office and paperwork duties for CQA/ACC and SAQA. On the creative side I have made some progress as well. I have pulled out a piece of fabric created last year. Ideas are beginning to emerge and I am planning my SAQA square foot auction piece for 2013. This will be the last piece I enter as the rep for Saskatchewan and Manitoba. I have recruited Dawn Piasta from Dauphin, Manitoba to take over the rep responsibilities for this prairie region. Here is a link to the SAQA Western Canada blog to find out more about Dawn.

I want to wish you a relaxing Sunday and leave you with a quote by Christina Rossetti:

“A Robin said: The Spring will never come,
And I shall never care to build again.
A Rosebush said: These frosts are wearisome,
My sap will never stir for sun or rain.
The half Moon said: These nights are fogged and slow,
I neither care to wax nor care to wane.
The Ocean said: I thirst from long ago,
Because earth’s rivers cannot fill the main. —
When Springtime came, red Robin built a nest,
And trilled a lover’s song in sheer delight.
Grey hoarfrost vanished, and the Rose with might
Clothed her in leaves and buds of crimson core.
The dim Moon brightened. Ocean sunned his crest,
Dimpled his blue, yet thirsted evermore.”

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