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Local Art and Design Workshop Confirmed!

Hoarfrost - Natures DesignIt’s official – a couple of days ago I received confirmation that my one day seminar at the Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery is going ahead this Saturday, March 9th.

I am very excited. Examine, Identify, Compose: Embracing and Understanding the Elements and Principles of Design will be the first interdisciplinary design seminar I am leading. By combining a variety of presentation methods including lecture, discussion, digital presentation and hands-on activities with cameras as well as art prints I aim to address various learning styles to hone everyone’s observation and evaluation skills. The ultimate goal of the seminar is to gain a better understanding of what makes a strong composition and why.

My personal experiences with interdisciplinary group activities always yielded animated discussion, constant learning and inspiration for future work. I kept this in mind while planning the sessions. Many of the participants are members of the local art guild and I just know it will make for a lively day full of interaction.

It is not too late to register. Contact Ross <> and he will reserve a chair for you. The workshop runs from 10 am – 3:30 pm. If you are not able to make it this Saturday ,or live too far away to even consider this class, approach your local art group or guild to schedule this seminar sometime in the future. Contact me <> for possible dates and my daily rate.

Enjoy your day – may it be filled with wonders of nature and very little snow! (It is snowing here… let’s hope the sun comes out very soon.)


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