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The Last Word on 3-D Design Considerations

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I decided to keep the best till last when it comes to 3-D design, don’t you agree? When researching my previous post I came across the images I captured at the BATA Shoe Museum in May 2012 – a destination well worth considering when you visit Toronto next time.

Designer shoes are the perfect example of 3-D design and we can all relate to them. No need to scout for modern architectural wonders – open your closet and pull out some dress shoes. Now have a look and see why you chose them? Was it the color, the shape or the embellishments on the shoes? Do these shoes complement a particular outfit? If so, they complete an overall look… So many considerations and most of the time we are not even consciously aware of why we select one shoe style over another.

You don’t have a shoe fetish? I included images of a hat dating back to the 1920s, the height of the Flapper fashion. Shoes and hat feature Art Deco designs. Shoes and hat, the ultimate accessories to complete fine fashion design.

Enjoy the slide show! If you are interested in my posts from May last year featuring the BATA Shoe Museum in more detail, here are the direct links:

BATA Shoe Museum – Part I

BATA Shoe Museum – Part II

BATA Shoe Museum – Part III

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2 thoughts on “The Last Word on 3-D Design Considerations

  1. HI hi- It is a great museum- no ,matter what the show one always learns something too.
    Carol Boyer


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