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Book Review and Give Away!

Taking Great Photos001

The Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos – The Best Techniques for Showcasing Your Handmade Creations; Heidi Adnum. Interweave Press, 2011.                                  ISBN 978-1-59668-626-7

Happy Sunday, loyal followers!

It’s time for a surprise: I am giving away this great reference book on how to effectively photograph your art work, whether it is two- or three-dimensional.

Heidi Adnum, the author, approached nine artists working in media from textiles, to ceramics, jewelery, glass, home decor and more to contribute their professional insights on how best to feature their work in photos.

With online marketing a sign of the times the information in this book cannot be ignored. Not everyone has access to photography courses or seminars that are specific to their needs. I have taken a couple of “how to photograph your artwork” seminars. The information was sound, and the photographer was freely sharing his information. Then I got home… and couldn’t remember most of the things discussed. It was a slow road and countless practice shots before I felt confident enough to use my own photography for submissions to art exhibitions.

Had this book been available to me ten years ago I could have avoided much stress, agony and self-doubt. I believe this book is excellent for those committed to photographing their own work. The author has an informative section at the beginning of the book dealing with light (natural and flash assisted), settings on the camera, and how to prepare for a photo shoot in your space. If you are in the business for a new camera she even touches on what to look for! The last chapter introduces several basic steps on processing the images on the computer and how to upload them to a designated website. All around, this books is an excellent investment for anyone taking their own images.

Here is your chance to own this copy: Leave a comment in the section below telling me why you would benefit from owning this resource. I will accept comments until midnight April 30th. In the morning of May 1st I will choose a lucky winner.

So, put your thinking caps on, leave a comment and keep your fingers crossed. One comment per person only, please! Who will it be? Who will be the winner of “Taking Great Photos?” Best of luck to you!

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44 thoughts on “Book Review and Give Away!

  1. rhonda allen on said:

    Rhonda benefits from owning this resource guidebook on Taking Great Photos
    WHY? Because I am a Visual Learner & Heidi will SHOW Me (how)
    Why? The resource will give me Storytelling confidence
    I am Tactile & a textural detailer & an Embellisher
    My work would benefit from Heidi’s approach to Dimension & Scale
    Why this guide, why now? To Go from INTUIT-ive to ‘Product’ Photographer
    Sharing art quilts to bead & threadwork to painting & mixed media to ‘crafts’ & back again
    Why? To ultimately publish


  2. Jennifer on said:

    As an art student, my passion is for creating and sharing my art, but my doubt in my self and my abilities holds me back. The past year, I’ve been trying to gain confidence in myself and can finally say with all certainty, “I’m an artist”. I’ve been starting to think about submitting work to jurried shows, but of course, this takes confidence in my photography abilities, and I don’t have this. This book may give me the ability to enable myself-to learn to take good photos, and to take that next step forward in my art journey.


  3. Dianne Firth on said:

    Hi Anna,
    After struggling with my small digital point and shoot camera to get clean color correct photos, my husband and I purchased a good camera and several lenses in hopes of getting that just right shot. It is such a pleasure to go in search of that moment or inspirational picture.
    I think the book would be a useful resource for both of us.
    Thank you also for the past postings and related sites on photography. We have found them both enjoyable as well as useful.


  4. Obviously Anna I need this book to help me learn how to follow instructions!! On a more serious note, I have had lighting issues in the past and realize there isn’t much use entering a piece that has taken hours and hours to produce and then in a “flash” ruin the image!


  5. I really need this book to learn to how to take pictures of my work that actually do the piece justice!


  6. I feel that getting the best photo possible of my work is extremely important when entering juried shows…..let’s face it, just like making your first impression….you only get that one chance. I struggle with trying to show my work at its best for my web page, for articles I write and of course, for those jury committees……always want to learn more…this book looks like a great tool for doing just that. Thanks for the opportunity


  7. Parsley on said:

    I have a website that features my work, but I have never thought I did very well at photographing it – or at editing the images on the computer. Sounds like this book would be perfect to help with this critical step!


  8. Anna, what a wonderful incentive to pass along to someone like me who wants to graduate from taking “snapshots” to taking “photographs”. People tell me there is a difference and I think this book that you are offering is just the thing I need to be able to figure out the difference. Even though I have a digital camera and sometimes try to get “artsy” photos, they usually are out of focus, and don’t show the right perspective. Hmm…Yup! I think this book would help a lot! Oh did I mention that my camera is automatic! Go figure!


    • As with everything we need to practice a new skill. Many people think photography is easy – it requires a good foundation and full understanding of your camera to get strong photos most of the time. When you know your camera, lenses, settings and can evaluate the light you are half way to a great image.
      Best of luck with the draw, Renate!


  9. Flo London on said:

    What a generous offer Anna, and thanks for writng such an interesting blog. After having been out of work for a year, I’ve decided to take my career in a new direction and am focusing on my fiber art full time. I need to take great photos of my work and this book would be very helpful.


  10. Judy kelly on said:

    I need to be better educated on the correct way to photograph my quilts.This seems like a great resource to help me?


  11. Hi Anna, How generous you are. I have been taking my own photos of quilts to enter into shows, but I have quite a simple automatic camera and have been thinking of graduating to a camera and changeable lenses. Your photography is certainly an incentive to me! So I need to read this book and see what they say about camera types.


  12. Leona Larsen on said:

    Hi Anna: You always send us challenges!!!! Here goes.
    In the past I believe I mentioned that a new camera was in order. After taking as many as 200 or more pics of the work I send to sales outlets, etc, I know I need help, especially co-ordinating computer and photos.
    I am not looking to spend thousands tho. My old Pentax with extra lenses was wonderful but film is so combersome after digital and costs $$$$$ to process when film can be found.
    Even if I do not win this book it appears to be one I could definately find useful considering it does have a chapter on the type of camera one needs to help with pics of quilts.
    I do have a tripod that I am sure is unversal.
    A friend in need. Leona


  13. Margaret Guest on said:

    Wow I’d love this book for my husband who has become interested in photography, purchased a new camera and tripod and has even had some of his photos printed on canvas to grace our walls. Now if I could just get him to start taking photo’s of my quilts and handwork it would be awesome.


  14. Sherry Jensen on said:

    hi…looks like a great book…I always am taking pictures of my work, as well as lots of other photo’s. I enjoy entering my work in shows, and this would be great to be able to do my own photography for submissions.


  15. Hi Anna,
    I’m wanting to self-publish a collection of my Africa-inspired quilts, and this book sounds as though it contains the sort of information and help I could truly benefit from in taking my own photos of my quilts. Thanks for letting us know about it.


  16. CarolWiebe on said:

    My above predicament proves I could use a resource like this!


  17. CarolWiebe on said:

    I was recently asked to submit a photo of one of my paper quilts for a book that the author was publishing. I really had to scramble to try and photograph it well enough. I took a lot of photos and still have my fingers crossed that the publisher will consider the photo to be of sufficient quality for the book.


  18. Looks like a great reference!!……getting a new camera and need some help getting my pics to turn out great…no classes available where I am….just snow at the moment…..thanks for all your great articles….


  19. Thanks for the chance to win and even making us aware of this book! I definitely need so tips on what I am doing wrong when I take photos for my blog! It’s hit or miss for quality and there is nothing more maddening to have things look poor when you put that much work into things,!


  20. Marie McEachern on said:

    I would love this book. I have just purchased a new camera. I really need help on some of the things that you described above. I especially need advice on processing on the computer and uploading, as well as lighting.


  21. Sounds fabulous, and for everyone’s benefit, Amazon has it at a pretty good price, also, a good source for all kinds of books, including design.


  22. Wow! Who wouldn’t want this book!


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