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Twisting the Landscape Class Recap

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A big thank you goes to H. Corinne Hewitt of Hanna. A year ago we met at a workshop in Medicine Hat. Shortly after my arrival home she emailed to book me for a workshop in 2013. Time flies as they say… and last weekend was my time in Hanna. A keen group of 16 participants gathered for my “Twisting the Landscape” workshop. Two intense days brought satisfying results for the participants and me, the instructor.

Today”s slideshow provides a comprehensive summary of what took place in Corinne’s great quilt shop and spacious classroom over two full days. While the focus of this workshop is on abstraction I encourage participants to pursue their personal goals. We began Day One with several design exercises, a short lecture of elements and principals of design and soon jumped into using fabric and the sewing machine. As always, my role as teacher was one of providing constant feedback and encourage experimentation with techniques and various supplies.

This class was not very different from those I taught in the past based on the same theme. The difference here was I had my youngest design student ever. She chose to work realistically and was up for many challenges. What a sport! Everyone else followed her progress with interest and was open to new ideas. Two participants embraced the abstraction challenge and developed complex Tesselation patterns which soon translated into successful block designs.

The weekend was over much too fast. I feel blessed with such keen students – they are already planning my return for another class. Can’t wait to make plans and set a definite date! Thanks everyone for the wonderful time and your openness to creative challenges.

Just in case anyone reading this blog post is scheduled to take this class in Penticton at Quilt BC next week: Keep in mind that each class is unique and results vary greatly – I listen to each student’s need and provide guidance and feedback as needed and requested.




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14 thoughts on “Twisting the Landscape Class Recap

  1. hchquiltpatterns on said:

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  2. We had such a great learning experience in this class, can’t wait to see what we will do next time! Thanks again Anna. Looking forward to your pictures of Penticton when you are done there.


  3. Cathy Willoughby on said:

    Beautiful pieces with a real Western feel, Anna. How about bringing that workshop to Ontario?


    • Hi Cathy, I did teach this workshop in Eastern Ontario last September, completely different results which are not necessarily due to the location of the workshop. Each group is different and brings varying expectations to the classroom. Can’t wait to see what happens in Penticton next week.


  4. Sherry Jensen on said:

    Great recap Anna
    Again, it was a great class, and enjoyed everything about it. Always good to meet other quilters and share ideas. Thanks again…


  5. Kathy Logan de Chavez on said:

    Anna, it looks like your students totally drank in what you were teaching them! I’m so sorry I wasn’t there! I have the need to reconnect with my mentor!!! Hugs to you! Kathy


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    This is for my Ma.


  7. Linda Dirkson on said:

    Good Morning Anna,
    The slide show really displayed your ability to work with each student on an individual basis. The works are so different, I was amazed how much they varied.


    • Thanks, Linda! This class usually goes over three days – the ladies worked small and were able to get close to finishing their pieces. Some even put on the facing, other are ready to add a mat and frame the piece which always makes the pieces look even better.


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