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Penticton, Quilt BC 2013 and a Winner…

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…what a week it has been!

I am all packed and ready to leave Penticton behind. It is difficult to believe that I spent the last eight days here. My time was packed with preparations for the CQA/ACC Quilt Judges Certification Programme, delivering the program to a keen group of potential judges. Evaluations were ongoing and my co-teacher Kathy Bissett and I worked late into the night every night.  Yesterday was no exception: We had to complete all evaluations while the information was fresh in our minds and the ink still sticky on the record sheets.

I mentioned in a previous post that I had the great honor to step in for Libby Lehman. My two day class had shrunk to 12 participants – but this was a wonderful opportunity to inspire. Each student was so committed to try something completely new and exciting. I taught the subject matter just two weeks ago, but have a look at the outcome this time. At the beginning of May the group chose to create primarily representational landscapes. My Quilt BC class was very adventuresome and truly stepped out of the box with a primarily abstract and non-representational outcome. I am so proud of each and everyone for working so hard and embracing the exercises presented. I feel honored to have met each and everyone.

It wasn’t all “work”: There were “AHA moments” (almost within the first ten minutes Linda shared her excitement at the outcome of the first exercise), celebrations (Iris became a grand-mother for the first time – Congratulations again, Iris! You will make a great Oma – I am so glad you shared the news with all of us!), confessions (Sue shared that initially her friends were going to skip the second day of class to explore the local wineries, but because they had so much fun in the class they decided to return), and firsts (Judy who was never interested in landscapes created her first and possibly not her last landscape quilt). Enjoy the slideshow!

Wednesday, May 15th marked the deadline for my last contest. On March 31st I put out an email to encourage suggestions for future blog posts. The response was very favorable and at midnight, just before turning in for the night I remembered to draw one name. The lucky winner is Joanne F. from West-Kelowna who posted her question just a few days before the deadline. The best part is: Joanne was also one of the members on the local organizing committee. First thing Thursday morning I told her the good news and I was rewarded with a special performance of the ubiquitous “Happy Dance.” All day long, every time we crossed paths at the conference Joanne repeated her little dance routine. This is what it’s all about! Thank you Joanne for the opportunity to witness a winner’s appreciation. And thanks for the photo op!

Friday night was my last public commitment. I was to deliver a presentation. When I was first asked to step in as Libby’s replacement I envisioned a classroom with 30 – 50 people and I am always ready to help out. On Thursday I asked Kathy “I wonder where the Friday night lecture will take place?” We were waiting for the AGM to begin. Kathy turned and casually answered “I would imagine it takes place right in this room we are in now.” My heart skipped a beat – the room was gigantic with countless rows of chairs, two large projection screens and a stellar sound system. My thought was “Oh, I am not Libby, so most everybody will have most likely made other plans. ”

Friday morning I found out that 400 tickets sold for my talk and the staff was able to squeeze another 28 seats into the ballroom… I was at a loss for words but realized it was too late to fret. Back to class I went and put my worry out of my mind. After a quick dinner at “Theo’s”, one of the best restaurants in Penticton, I made back in time for a quick change and get miked. The room was abuzz with a sea of conference attendees and guests. Soon I was introduced and once I was on stage for three minutes I was calm. The audience was amazing – there was laughter, applause, great questions and so much interest. I have spoken to large crowds before (up to 350) but never has an audience been so engaged.

My thank you goes to everyone who supported Quilt BC 2013. The LOC with  Johanna Alford at the helm, the hardworking CQA/ACC board, our amazing students, the committed teachers, countless volunteers who hung the quilt shows, manned admission tables, answered questions, directed visitors, my own “classroom angels” Joan and Donna and everyone else who had a hand in this event. It was a pleasure to come back to Penticton where I started out nearly 34 1/2 years ago, my first stop and “home-town” in Canada! I can’t wait to come back for a visit.

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12 thoughts on “Penticton, Quilt BC 2013 and a Winner…

  1. Wonderful lecture Anna – so inspiring to hear about the creative process and see your innovative fibre art in person.


  2. Hi Anna, I so enjoyed all of Quilt Canada in Penticton, especially your Fri evening lecture. It was so special to see your art pieces close up! All of the renewed friendships of quilters that I see only at conferences were great too.
    You must be exhausted after doing all the extra teaching & lecture, but thank you so much for stepping in when needed.


    • Yes, Penticton was a great venue for this year’s Quilt BC. It was indeed wonderful to reconnect with quilting friends from across the country. Can’t wait for Niagara in 2014!


  3. I had the pleasure of being in the large audience for your CQA presentation. Your apprehension about speaking for such a large crowd worked in your favor. Your presentations are always informative and interesting, that evening you were even more animated. I got to experience Anna taken to the next level plus I heard some background to pieces that I’ve admired. What a good deal for me!


    • Thanks, Jaynie – it was a pleasure to see your smiling face in the crowd. Your support over the years is wonderful. Your feedback here is much appreciated. Despite the initial nervousness I enjoyed the opportunity to share. Thank you for leaving the comment!


  4. Your lecture was amazing! I loved getting to hear about your inspiration and process, and then to actually get to see your pieces – truly spectacular! This was definitely a memorable conference for me, in many ways! Thank you for all that you do to promote quilting and art in Canada.


  5. You are an inspiration to us all Anna! Glad all was wonderful, when you spoke about speaking in front of 450 + people I remembered our talk on public speaking, wow that’s a lot of people. You are amazing.


  6. quiltrod on said:

    Oh I really enjoyed your recap of the conference Anna. Glad it all went so well! Although I am not surprised that it did. Hoping I’ll be able to attend one someday.


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