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Of Fossils, Paragliders and Lava Beds

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We are slowly winding our way home from a short vacation in the Western US while visiting friends and exploring the scenic byways. Missing the I-5 Skagit River Bridge collapse by a day we have navigated the Columbia Gorge in sunshine, a welcome sight! In the past we traveled this wonderful road in the winter with tumble weeds blowing across our path. This time the blue sky reflected in the water and a few clouds added to the picture perfect scenery.

A brief stop in Boise, ID and precious hours with a close family friend soon had us back on the I-84 with the wheels pointing west. About two hours west of Boise we veered off the highway and continued on the 1,000 Springs Scenic Byway just because we spotted a sign for the Hagerman Fossil Beds. We were soon rewarded with amazing landscapes worthwhile capturing with the camera. Visiting the actual Fossil Beds was not an option as they are located in a restricted park area. We decided to carry on toward Twin Falls, imagining ourselves several hundred years back on a wagon train following the Oregon Trail in reverse.

Passing through Twin Falls and rejoining the I-84 means crossing the Snake River Gorge via the Perrine Bridge. Observation platforms are located on either side of the gorge. Grabbing our cameras to take a few pictures of the landscape we spotted some unexpected activity on the bridge deck. My heart skipped a few beats when I realized that para-gliders were assembling and getting ready to jump. My images don’t do this activity justice, but I found a video online recorded at the jumping off point. Click here to access the short movie.

Our last stop yesterday was in Minidoka County en route to Montana to visit the Hell’s Half Acre Lava Beds southwest of Idaho Falls. The visitor center is located adjacent to the highway and well designed walking trails guide anyone interested through the lave bed area. I was fascinated by the junipers all gnarled standing strong against the elements. Silhouettes of branches against the partially cloudy sky provided much inspiration for the future. Lichen formations, crags and the way the cooled lava layers created shelter for small mammals kept my interest high while we explored the landscape.

The images in the slide show are just a few to share the yesterday’s impressions. Enjoy and Happy Sunday everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Of Fossils, Paragliders and Lava Beds

  1. Alison on said:

    Fantastic images Anna!! I always love reading your blog, reminds me to get out and take some pictures! Thanks for the great inspiration for a sunny Sunday. Have a great Sunday yourselves!! xx Alison


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