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Time for a Sunday Walk…

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It rained yesterday afternoon. The downpour was not one that made me want to go outside, but when I looked out the window I saw that the world was washed clean. The dust was removed from the plants and trees and it even sounded as if the birds were singing louder.

I decided to review some of the photos I took while visiting the Seattle area last month. One particular highlight was the rainy day (can you see a theme emerging?) we chose to explore the Asian Museum. We arrived in the empty parking lot only to find out that it was closed Monday and Tuesday. The museum is located adjacent to Volunteer Park. The rain had stopped and the next best thing to enriching our minds with art history is a stroll in the park, especially in the Pacific North West.

No additional words are necessary. It’s Sunday, enjoy the day with family and friends and let my pictures inspire you to get out and commune with nature. Happy Sunday!

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