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12 thoughts on “And now for a little diversion…

  1. Judithkh on said:

    I am with Leona on this one! How I would love to go this museum with a group of you interested in fashion design and fashion. Thanks so much for taking the photos and posting them Anna. Delightful.


  2. I guess these costumes would be too big to fit my Barbie dolls but in the pictures they are just the right size. And I would want the matching outfit for me as well. The hats and shoes are what I would need for icing on the cake.


    • Yup, costumes are too big for Barbie and a little too small for you! They are 1/3 of adult size clothes.The mannequins measured just a little above my knees. But they were so much fun to examine. I set off the motion sensor alarm several times…


  3. Jody Lund on said:

    I believe that is the museum Dale Anne Potter and I went to years ago. It was a bit of an adventure that we had that day (to say the least). Good memories for sure.


  4. Hennie on said:

    The Maryhill Museum is now on my travel list, thanks for this interesting little snippet Anna. Besides the costumes being beautiful the interesting backdrops caught my eye. My recent reading about the time around the world wars fills in the gaps on the intense struggle people would have had to gain some normalicy back in their lives, fashion, dress being one of them.


    • Great to hear that you have put the Maryhill Museum on your travel destination list, Hennie! You are so much closer this place. If it wasn’t so far I would return again later this summer. I hope you will send me an email and share your impression of the place after your visit!


  5. Suse on said:

    All I can say is “Wow!” I’d love to see this display. As a young girl, I spent hours looking through the Sears catalogue picking out clothing. I especially have a fondness for clothing from the 20s, 40s & 60s.


  6. Leona Larsen on said:

    I think that our little design group should take a trip to this area just to see this place, it does sound magical to me. I love things such as clothing, furniture, glassware etc from the past. Maybe I can convince Gillian of this idea, she seems game for lots of different things to do. You could come too, but seeing you have already been ????? and you are also so very busy all the time. Am so looking forward to our next session in August and also in 2014. Leona


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