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Making Progress…

Baby quilt for Jen and Ward 2… in the studio, that is!

Last week I actually spent more time in the studio than the past three months combined. Despite the short heatwave we enjoyed I actually gave the sewing machine a much needed workout, and the machine held up to my demands. Maybe it liked the heat…

I mentioned in my last post that I was creating a “bridge gift” for the baby shower of a close friend. The shower took place yesterday, and after a few silly games (I won’t go into details – I promise) it was time to open the gifts. Instead of using wrapping paper and a gift bag like everyone else, I had created two hooded towels on Saturday afternoon. The project was planned to take only about thirty minutes… but, since I had not used my serger in quite some time I had to deal with some tension issues. The project lasted nearly two hours. The pink polka dotted flannel turned out to be perfect for the project. Can’t wait to see the little girl all wrapped up after her bath at bedtime.

I used the hooded towels as the actual gift wrap for the playtime quilt. The excess fabric was held in place with white satin ribbon on either side making the gift appear like a giant wrapped candy, as one of the other guests noted. I opted not to intrude with my camera. Instead I am sharing the picture of the quilt as the feature image today. Sorry, I didn’t get pictures of the hooded towels – they are not that unique and you can use your imagination!

Creating the baby gift took up all of Tuesday, but with the sewing machine in such good working order I took advantage of its willingness to cooperate and continued on a piece that I am creating for a special book project on Wednesday and Friday.

Last March I was contacted and invited to participate with work inspired by African fabrics. The challenge was to come up with a piece that is based on fabric supplied by the project’s organizer. My inspirational fabric ended up to be an image of Moroccan wedding sashes. I was at first at a loss for ideas. I set the project aside. In early June I began the design phase and a working journal, required of all participants. The first week in July  is over, and the piece is due at the end of the month. After several days of continuous work I feel I have a better handle on the project and will be able to meet the deadline. Another week of active work and I anticipate its completion.

But, next week is already fully booked… I will teach dyeing to a keen group of fiber artists in the Southern part of Saskatchewan. The car is packed, handouts are printed and dyes are weighed out. Can’t wait to meet the group – some of the participants I know already. They have spread the word about how much fun a dye class can be.

Life is busy – and never dull in my part of the world!

And just a reminder: On June 25th I encouraged everyone to consider renewing their SAQA membership or join for the first time. What’s in it for you? Beside the great opportunities and advantages associated with the membership your name will be entered into a draw for Portfolio 19, the latest issue of Professional Artists’ Members’ work. Check out the original post here and think about it. The “contest” goes till July 31st! Your chances are good for winning the book – I have only one person entered into the draw so far! Let’s add a little competitive edge…

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2 thoughts on “Making Progress…

  1. Suse on said:

    Love the colors in this quilt, Anna. It’s beautiful!


    • Thanks, Susan – as I mentioned in my last post, I can’t take credit for the fabric. I used the double repeat of the print as it was when I bought it. I just added the quilting.


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