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A Swinging Bridge and the Eiffel Tower…

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… all this on the Canadian Prairie – A Saskatchewan side trip reveals unexpected sights!

On my way to Weyburn for a class we decided to explore the country side… Heading east from Regina we briefly stopped in Wolseley and discovered a most beautiful lake in the center of town that can be crossed via a swinging bridge.

Only about 35 km south and west of Wolseley we arrived in Montmatre. The Eiffel Tower reproduction at the edge of town called to be explored. Out came the camera and after checking if anyone was watching I climbed under the structure and captured some great patterns.

It’s a short post today – get out and explore your neighborhood with the camera – it’s a perfect day for finding patterns close to home! I am working with color for the next two days – can’t wait to see the colorful results! Stay tuned, I will post images in the next post.


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6 thoughts on “A Swinging Bridge and the Eiffel Tower…

  1. Suse on said:

    Brian & I were just at the swinging bridge on Canada Day last week. When I was a child, my grandpa was in the care home across the bridge. Instead of parking in the parking lot of the care home, my dad would park on the other side so we had to walk across the bridge to see Grandpa. I was always terrified to cross the bridge. It was still somewhat scary last week, especially when Brian made the bridge swing. 😦 However, I was able to cross by myself & got a picture of the ‘waterfall’.

    I love the picture you took inside & under the Eiffel Tower in Montmartre. Great patterns!

    Have a wonderful day!


    • Thanks for your comment and adding a personal story to my post! I have trouble with swinging bridges… I only ventured out about 1/3 of the way… next time I visit I will walk all the way across. A lovely little town!


  2. Anna I was thinking you today as we went through lock 2 on our way to the iron gate on the Danube. What was the most exciting for me were the lines and colours in the actual structure not the scenery! I zoomed in and got some fabulous pics of the cement wall constructed in the lock. And the metal structure too! I so hope I can use them for my work. My eyes and camera couldn’t stop moving. Paula


  3. Leona Larsen on said:

    Wonderful pics again Anna. My daughter Kirsten will love your shot laying on you back as she did that in Paris Eiffel at night and ceilings of Cathedrals in France and England. What fun and she did not care who was watching (of course she was only 18-19 at the time). You do have the most wonderful camera and also eye. Leona


    • Thanks, Leona! Your account of the trip to France sounds by far more exciting than what I did on Tuesday on my way to Weyburn… 😉
      About the camera – it is not so much my camera. After last year’s photography class (and ongoing online workshops I have enrolled in last winter and this spring) really helped with settings and working exclusively in manual mode.


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