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Startrails, Moon and Planets

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While you open up this post today I am on my way home from Tacoma, WA where I was judging this year’s Pacific West Quilt Show. I flew to Washington State the morning after returning home from a fabulous week at Art Quilt Campus. Check back next Monday (August 26th) to check out my report about the great time we all had.

Today I want to reward you with some more night photography. Week four of the PPSOP course brought some of the biggest challenges and rewards. We set out to capture images of a non-light polluted night sky and then …. waited while taking multiple 4 minute exposures. When I downloaded these images onto my computer I wasn’t too excited… but once processed I was “over the moon” – no pun intended. Three night time session yielded three of the star trail images in this slide show.

Then there was the additional requirement, images of the moon or a planet, and stars that are not distorted. The moon image was a bit tricky to achieve – we finally got up at 4 am one morning to witness a thin crescent moon close to the horizon competing with the eminent sunrise.

I want to share that I have discovered a passion for night photography – will it become part of a series of textile art. That remains to be seen… for now I am just enjoying the process of learning something new.

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14 thoughts on “Startrails, Moon and Planets

  1. WOW Anna your photography is absolutely incredible! : ) xo love!


  2. Your photos are fabulous & amazing, Anna!


  3. Anna these images are amazing! I can see how this new passion is grabbing hold! I look forward to seeing I where it takes you.


  4. Alison on said:

    It looks like your hard work paid off! I love them all! I am a big fan of night photography too, there is so much to explore. I can’t wait to see what you do next Anna, xx Alison


  5. They’re magical!


  6. Kathy Strawson on said:

    Anna, these are amazing. I can only imagine that opening and downloading of each of those frames. Thank you so much for sharing.


  7. Shan Kerber on said:

    I too like the one with two star trails. Was that a shorter exposure time than the other two? I like the milky way on that one too.


  8. My favorite is the one with the autumn colored trees and the two star trails. How fabulous. And I can see how these night time photos might be the inspiration for a quilt series.


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