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On packing with a vacuum…

01 Packing for Europe

When I accepted the unique opportunity to teach in Europe in late 2011 I decided to provide individual kits for students. This means that I have to pack extra, besides clothes for three weeks. All I can say: Thank goodness my husband is coming along – we will be sharing the load, so to speak.

In the couple of weeks prior to this trip I began to think back when exactly it became more difficult to travel. Luggage weight seems to have decreased steadily over the past 12 years – actually today marks one of the saddest days in history. Do you remember where you were when the news began to spread about a plane hitting the World Trade Center in New York?

This year I will roughly above the province of Manitoba on my way to Germany via an eight hour layover in Toronto… oh the joys of living in Saskatchewan. A friend told me years ago: “the trouble with Saskatchewan is that it takes so much longer to get anywhere…” How true this statement was and remains. But enough about itineraries and back to packing:

For months I have been collecting supplies, created individual kits and purchased such items as tracing paper, extra brushes and assemble handouts for participants. When I placed it all into our two suitcases I became quite worried. I large bag of wool roving for needle felting was so bulky that the zipper  wouldn’t close. I put on my thinking cap and remembered that years earlier we bought plastic bags that would compress their contents with a vacuum. I quickly located these bags, placed wool roving, foam pieces, kits and fabrics into two large bags. The vacuum hose was placed on the dark circle marked “vacuum hose”, and I began to hope for the best while the vacuum slowly sucked the excess air out of the bags. It was like magic: The huge mountain of supplies suddenly became manageable – they began to shrink in size.  Soon each bag easily fit into its designated suitcase leaving enough room for our clothes.

Threads, paints, and samples - they all fit easily now!

Threads, paints, and samples – they all fit easily now!

I am already looking forward to filling the space on our way home… But first things first: We are on our way to Germany to first visit my sister with family in Remagen, and then on to Rome for six glorious days. Excited? YES, we are! I plan to blog here and on my travel blog. Make sure to become a follower if you want to be first in finding out where we are!

My next entry will be from Europe. Have a great rest of the week!


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13 thoughts on “On packing with a vacuum…

  1. great idea practical and economical


  2. You are just too inventive for words. Enjoy your family and I know you will have a super interesting time in Italy. Leona


  3. Theresa Duncan on said:

    As one of your lucky Italy students, may I say two things: 1.) thank you for the kits!, and 2.) WHEW HEW!!


  4. WOW !!! I love the sound of the bags /vacuum ! I bet many of us have had times where we could have used that setup . The best to you !


  5. Marilyn Clulow on said:

    i know you will both have the best time,how can you not.You certainly deserve it. lucky students in Italy!
    Quick question, do you have to be certified in order to judge at quilt shows? thank you, Anna, Marilyn


    • Thanks, Marilyn!
      A quick answer to your question about judging: no, one does not have to be certified to judge a quilt show, unless it is the NJS for the Canadian Quilter’s Association. Feel free to contact me privately if you would like more information.


  6. Have a great time you two and I look forward to hearing about it on your return!


  7. Have a fabulous visit and I know your students will enjoy their time with you. Safe travels


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