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Final Check in from Italy

If you have been following my blog an dItaly reports lately you are probably wondering if I have vanished or gone under cover in the Abruzzo country side. Neither is the case – it just has been a busy coup,e of days wrapping up the workshop, saying our good byes and making our way back to Rome.
I am sitting in the airport waiting for the flight back home and decided to upload the last of my images for you to see the final outcome of each person’s personal journey into creativity.
Our last day was spent in the classroom exercising our ability to focus to complete or get close to completion with the project on hand.

I took a few minutes during lunchtime to walk the grounds one more time, enjoying the quiet country setting before I have to return to reality…


The change of colour brought keen awareness the autumn season had arrived while we were enjoying creative endeavours. To my delight I did discover several water lilies in full bloom showing off their delicate colours during a brief rain shower.

One by one the worksheet participants completed their work. We tidied up the studio workspace and prepared for the farewell dinner and show and tell scheduled for the evening. Soon we gathered to talk about inspirational starting points, the creative path each one traveled and future goals.

Judy chose arches found in the crypt of St. Panphelio, the local cathedral.

Mei’s inspiration came from a lecturn at Santa Maria Annunciata.

Kristi drew inspiration from a variety of sources. She began by isolating a section from a photograph of ancient pottery in the museum. Her colour scheme was taken from a home, the wooden doors, and distressed walls. She is working toward a triptych incorporating two more abstracted designs.

Dorothy was very pleased with her work. She drew inspiration from a fragmented fresco at the museum.

Theresa was proud to show off her arches. The inspiration came from her first tilted frame photo which she rendered in a variety of recycled materials.

Lawna was thrilled with her selected theme, an archway leading into a courtyard. She captured the image just days before. After a little cropping and isolating the most important elements she is well on her way to finishing the piece.

Last but certainly not least, Wanda presented her ancient wall with details. She also incorporated recycled materials in a most successful manner. Only a few stitches more and this piece will be ready for framing.

The evening progressed with another authentic Abruzzi dinner when suddenly Chef Pino emerged from the kitchen. Sandra and Gloria by his side, he presented us with our cooking school certificates. Who would have thought that my less than perfect pasta dough would warrant positive recognition?…

One by one we marched up to the front and with warm hugs and cheek to cheek “kisses” we were initiated as graduates!
We called it an early night as everyone still had last minute packing to do. Some of us were catching the early bus to Rome… And that adventure is best left for another post.
Time to upload this post – it’s time to find our gate for boarding. Next time I check in it will be from my studio in Saskatchewan.

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5 thoughts on “Final Check in from Italy

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  2. Hi Anna, I have thoroughly enjoyed all your photos and commentary. They bring back so many memories of when we lived in Europe (7 years total).
    The work created by your students is wonderful – they should be proud!


  3. Marilyn Clulow on said:

    beautiful job Anna your students certainly have some wonderful work to take home. Thank you for sharing the whole experience with us, it almost made me feel I was there.
    When you have timeand are fully recovered i would like a little advice. I am going to CQA next year and wondering whether i would benefit from taking both your workshops or just one and which one do you think I would get the most out of. thanks again and look forward to hearing when you are quite recovered. Take care, Marilyn


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