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The Calm Before the Storm…

SK landscape…sounds a bit misleading. Today is my last day to finish packing for my trip to California. I also need to get started on organizing trunskhow quilts for upcoming speaking and teaching engagements in Saskatoon, Edmonton, Yellowknife and the Okanagan.

No, the list is not getting longer – there is just no more time in my life, or on the calendar, to squeeze in even a half day of relaxation, leave alone teaching. I have been asked if I am having fun yet – absolutely! I love to connect with people, share information, learn from students and see the country along the way.

Today’s image is of Saskatchewan, somewhere between Chamberlain and Saskatoon. After crowded Europe it was refreshing to see the wide open spaces without much traffic after arriving home last week. The colors and light are so different from the European continent. It is fall and the diffused light beckons to be captured. My camera has to wait till California – packing takes priority today.

Signing off for today – check in soon! I will be posting while traveling, as always.

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6 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Storm…

  1. Anna – your prairie photo evokes that quiet dreamy feeling that I remember having while lying on the grass and gazing upward as a child!


  2. Kathleen on said:

    Anna, your picture reminds me of fall days at my Uncle’s the farm after harvest. I can almost smell the stubble fields as we walked. Thank you for sharing your talent for capturing the moment in a picture. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Kathleen


  3. Marilyn Clulow on said:

    Off again off again. Jiggetty jig. You are having so much fun Anna! Sometimes life just doesn’t get any better than this , doing what you love and are so passionate about and the opportunity to share your expertise and gifts with all your fans. Have fun in California, Marilyn


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