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Getting Ready for PIQF

IMG_2316I arrived at the PIQF conference hotel yesterday. Once I was settled in my room and had unpacked those things not necessary for my special exhibition I made my way over to the Santa Clara Convention Center.

The timing was perfect, my special booth had just been set up and I was able to proceed. I don’t often hang my own show, leave alone do it by myself. I welcomed the alone time and I began with unrolling the wall quilts.

IMG_2317I had packed 12 quilts, the request was for 7 – 10. My selection included a couple of diptychs and I soon realized that I had a choice of what to hang. A 10′ x 10′ space only goes so far…

IMG_2319Soon the first quilt was hung. I double checked the height and confirmed that presenting the quilts at eye level for most visitors would be best. In less than two hours the show was mounted. I omitted one diptych because there simply was no more room!

The statement and labels were my last step before I deemed the exhibition complete. You are getting a preview here. PIQF (Pacific International Quilt Festival 2013) opens tomorrow. If you live close, make sure to visit. If you see me there, make sure to say “hello”!

IMG_2320IMG_2321IMG_2322IMG_2323Have a great day everyone! I know I will – I am one of the judges and it will be an exciting day looking at everyone’s work!

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12 thoughts on “Getting Ready for PIQF

  1. Hi Anna, your exhibit looks wonderful! Wish I could see them up close and in person. Enjoy your time in CA and see you next month! Linda


  2. Looking good. You have yourself a super time and rest too. I worry about you and hope that you do not run out of steam.
    Will see you at our show in two weeks.
    Take care and smile. I finished the piece from this past summer and it really did managed to turn out not too too too strange. I think that I made the grade with this one. Leona


    • Leona, you are always so encouraging and caring! I am having a fantastic time so far. Judging went well and we finished in good time. Teaching and lecture tomorrow, then just two more days of teaching. The time always flies much too fast!


  3. Donna Tremblay on said:

    Looking good!!!Good luck and best wishes..


  4. Alison on said:

    Have a great day Anna! Your work looks beautiful! Even if it’s a small space, your work looks terrific in it. Thanks so much for sharing, it gives me inspiration moving forward with my work! xx Alison


    • I had a great day. I was part of the traditional quilt entries and it was a pleasure to judge the section. Best of luck with completing your work for the exhibition. I wish I could attend the opening!


  5. I too didn’t realize you would have a display. Really looking forward to seeing it! So glad you are participating in our show.


  6. Oh wow, I didn’t realize you were going to have a display there. How wonderful to be able to see that many of your works up close.


    • The display is on the small side… the full body of work for this display titled “Sharing Riches from My Soul” is closer to 20 pieces. But it will be a good way to introduce this work south of the 49th!
      I do hope that hanging the work early it will loose some of the wrinkles from shipping…


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