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PIQF Update

SC Conference Centre Main entrancePalm trees anyone??? I bet by now my Canadian friends are longing for such sights and the warm temperatures I have been enjoying over the past week. I do have to confess however, that I have only spent about two hours outside since Tuesday. We had dinner on the terrace a couple of nights ago – other than that I have been spending my time teaching, connecting with like-minded people and networking.

PIQF XXII is closing later today. This is everyone’s last chance to see the great exhibitions of traditional and contemporary quilts from around the world. Show and Tell last night was awe inspiring – the classes that were offered over the last three days were truly amazing and offered something for every skill level and interest. The Mancuso team has done it again – they know how to put smiles on visitors faces by lining up great quilt teachers, inspiring exhibitions and let’s not forget: they bring together the most comprehensive line up of vendors I have ever experienced!

As I mentioned earlier: My last three days were spent teaching. I was blessed with 25 students in the Kantha Class. That was the largest number I have ever taught in this subject. I would not be truthful if I said I was not nervous. I worried a little about teaching the “outline stitch” that is different from the “back stitch”. The group was wonderful and everyone was blissfully stitching within the first hour. The day flew by and despite the fact that I provide the same motif and thread colors for each kit, individuality and personal preferences soon emerged. I am inserting a slide show covering the Kantha and Layers of Intrigues Class at the bottom of the post.

Speaking of Layers of Intrigue… Twenty names on the class roster meant the class was fully subscribed. I had copied extra hand outs and let the show office know. Friday morning I welcomed 21 students who where ready to layer, stitch, cut back, layer some more fabrics and explore new territory. The spirit of adventure never left the room. What a great group of quilters – full of energy, enthusiasm and eager to soak up every new suggestion and idea. With so much going on I didn’t capture everyone in the classes – and by moving from person to person I had a good number of images blurred. None the less, the slide show will give you a good idea of how busy everyone was and how much fun we experienced in both classes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I would like to express my sincerest Thank You to Mancuso Show Management for inviting me, and a special Thank You to those who took a leap of faith to explore a new technique or two! Enjoy your Sunday!

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8 thoughts on “PIQF Update

  1. leilani bennett on said:

    Great class, Anna! The freezing cold classroom was the only negative in a wonderful day. Hope to see you next year too.


  2. So sorry I was not able to attend one of your classes (next year I hope you’ll be an instructor) but I did see your wonderful & inspirational exhibit – loved your use if sheers! Also, met a student at your exhibit that had just finished your Kantha class.She loved the class & shared her beautiful project. Enjoy our CA weather; it’s why I love living here!


  3. judymorningstar judymorningstar on said:

    Looks like your class made great pieces! I know they would have learned a lot. Enjoy the palm trees because it is snowing here.


    • It is foggy here this morning – my planned day trip into San Francisco might not be a s glorious as I had hoped!
      Well, it’s a day off to myself till I take down my exhibition and I will make the best of it before I fly into the snow tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up, Judy!


  4. Kantha – Something new to explore!! Thanks for the ongoing inspiration Anna.


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