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Design Inspiration Workshop in Edmonton, Week 1

My design workshop in Edmonton for a group of Focus on Fibre Art Association is in full swing. After two days of design exercises and colour theory we are focusing on translating the paper design into a final art piece. Make sure to check back for results later this week.

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3 thoughts on “Design Inspiration Workshop in Edmonton, Week 1

  1. Thanks for you reply re young people and sewing and creating. Maybe we could initiate some kind of program where we entice young women to do some fibre work. We will talk about this and I am certainly interested now that I am not teaching any longer and do have the time in space to implement and carry out this kind of project. Let us get our heads together and see what we can come up with. I know that there are a couple of our friends that would probably be up for this too. Leona


  2. This is a thought that I have had after seeing many of you photos from classes. Now do not get upset but I have noticed that many of the ladies are mostly aging baby boomers or even older. This was the case when I taught also. I know that younger women are busy with work and kids but they too need a break for the humdrum of everyday living and fabric can offer a reprise, don’t you think. I keep wondering just how we can get younger people interested in this art form. We are starting to have a few younger people in the Saskatoon guild and I encourage them to the fullest. Maybe we can talk about this sometime. That is if you care too. Leona


    • Leona, I have noticed a certain demographic in my classrooms. I am also interested in bringing along younger generations and share with them the art of quilting and embroidery – but as you pointed out the young mothers are often stretched in all directions. Between children, household, job and a huge mortgage there is little money left for expensive hobbies and workshops. This particular workshop is free to Focus on Fibre Arts Association members.
      Going back to the limited time the younger generation has, I remember that I took very few courses when I was working full time and was raising our daughter. I used to steal a few moments here and there in my basement sewing corner – usually to create a Halloween costume, a Christmas dress or nighty. At one point we lived next to a military family. The young mom and I would spent every evening from mid-November together sewing Christmas items for the children, our husbands (she made a dark blue jumpsuit from stretchy material for her husband even – yes it was the 80’s!) and when we had time left – we baked. Where did we find the energy?
      I would love to talk with you about generating interest in quilting in the younger generation and how to foster creativity even when there is little time in a day.


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