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While waiting for my plane to Yellowknife…

…I have a little time to provide a recap of the last five day class in Edmonton. A somewhat larger group gathered on Monday, eager to explore design based on Art or architecture. The energy was electrifying and as the week progressed there was no decline in participants’ focus. Another great group of people, focused learning and some fun on the side… Enjoy the images!










Above is just a small selection of what transpired in the class. Today at lunchtime last week’s groups joined us for a short sharing session. It was wonderful to see everyone so excited about gaining confidence in creating a unique, personal design. This is what it’s all about. Thank you to Focus on Fibre Arts Association for organizing the last two weeks!
And before I signed off… There were a couple of jokers this morning that decided to get us all started with a belly laugh… November was observed, even in an all women’s class!


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2 thoughts on “While waiting for my plane to Yellowknife…

  1. How did you like the greeter in the YK air port and was not the building itself a wonder of architecture? Have a fun time and if you have time go to a couple of their galleries, especially the one in old town as it is full of northern artists work. Maybe you can have a fish meal at the wonderfully different restaurant in Old Town too. Just ask your students and they will guide you. Also check out the houseboats on Great Slave Lake and think of me being on one of them many times and oh how I miss that. I envy your time there as it is one of my favorite places in Canada. Also their City Hall is quite a wonder too. Leona


    • Hi Leona, I exited onto the tarmac and walked straight to the luggage pick up – never noticed anything out of the ordinary, actually I was reminded of the airport in Minot. It was late and very dark when I arrived. I am staying close to downtown and will explore the town when I have days free and only teach in the evenings. Trying to book an Aurora Borealis tour. I lugged my good camera up with me and look forward to capturing some good images. The flight was magical – the Northern Lights were dancing outside my window on the place and I had my own private light show. Great times ahead!


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