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Merry Christmas!

Early morning

This is the image that presented itself first thing this morning – a glorious sunrise promised an amazing day! We took it easy at first and even squeezed in a long walk along the lake. Then we couldn’t resist it anymore: We fired up the oven because we found a few irresistible recipes… the last baking event began, just in time for tomorrow’s feast. Gingerbread Madeleines and Double Chocolate Toffee Biscotti are ready for Santa…

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas with their loved ones and some time to do your favorite things.

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The tree is lit and decorated. I hope you enjoy these select images.

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14 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Cathy Willoughby on said:

    Thank you for the lovely pics, Anna. So much nicer than the view of broken trees outside our windows. At least it’s snowing gently now, covering the ice.


    • Oh Cathy – so sorry to read about your broken trees. Hope life turns around and you were not affected by the power outage due to the ice storm last week. Thinking of you!


      • Cathy Willoughby on said:

        We didn’t lose power but there are still thousands without it. And it doesn’t look like the ice will be melting soon.


      • Sending you warmer temperatures from SK, when did you ever hear that one before. We were hovering around the freezing mark over the holidays! I don’t want to gloat too much – one never knows when the cold winter returns…


  2. Thank you for the happy pics once again.
    The best to you and Colin for the whole holiday season.
    Love you ornaments too.


  3. Chris Elliott on said:

    Merry Christmas from Wilcannia, Australia. We are coming to the end of our celebrations as you start yours and our thoughts are with those who are suffering with the wild weather some parts of your country are enduring.


    • Thank you for your thoughts, Chris! Most of the terrible weather with power outages is in Central Canada (about a 4 day drive away from us) and I just had word that Nova Scotia has a snow storm today. We woke up to typical winter temperatures and another colorful sunrise).
      What I wouldn’t do to spend one Christmas in your shoes… Sunshine, beach, sand between my toes – a girl can dream, right? Enjoy the rest of the Season.


  4. All Winter’s best to you and Colin. 11 p.m. Christmas Eve service for us this evening.


  5. ShirleyMathieson on said:

    Merry Christmas Anna!! Wishing you a happy, healthy holiday. And a Happy Birthday on the 29th. Shirley

    Sent from my iPhone



  6. A truly magical sunrise! What a wonderful start to the holidays. Hope you enjoy every minute.

    Cheers, Alice


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