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Ready for Creative Exchanges…

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I can hear Colin outside, pushing the fresh snow from the driveway. He thought he was done for a while when he put away the shovel yesterday afternoon. We woke up to a grey day with snow that lasted till mid afternoon. As soon as the white stuff stopped the snowplough arrived in the community and got busy pushing aside the snow and sanding the roads.  I am breathing a sigh of relief, tomorrow is my first day of teaching in the studio in 2014.

I am ready: The handouts are refined, printed and collated, the class room is set up for 10 students who will embark on their personal design journey. Participants have been patiently waiting since June to start on a new study centering around art and/or architecture. Everyone registered is continuing on their path – some have been waiting for nearly two years. It was time to create a brand new design workshop for these eager artists.

These are exciting times: A new year, a new class, new workshop content, my Trendtex challenge is complete and I am working on the CDA Challenge. Life is on track and I feel I have found a new focus, and my energy level is back to where I like it to be. Check back Sunday to see what transpires in the classroom tomorrow. Can’t wait to welcome everyone.

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8 thoughts on “Ready for Creative Exchanges…

  1. Love hearing your Trend-Tex challenge is complete=)


  2. Linda schmidt on said:

    Good for you, Anna! You have accomplished a lot in a month. I am returning home tomorrow after three weeks with my kids and grandchildren. Anxious to tackle more quilts! I am looking forward to the report on your class.


  3. Grasshopper Girl on said:

    How exciting. Can’t wait for tomorrow!


  4. Looks like you have an amazing class ahead of you!


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