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Fanning the Fires…

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The spark was first ignited last June when I announced an Advanced Design class. We had to wait for a bitterly cold day in January 2014 to fan the fires of creativity. The mercury had dropped to  – 24 C and the sun was shining. One by one cars pulled into the drive way. By 10 a. m.  ten eager participants had claimed their seats.

It was a day to review, sketch, draw and color. We began by sketching a still life of glass containers. Eventually students shared which artist or architect they chose for the study. As the instructor I am so excited to hear about a diverse selection of topics. I can hardly wait to see where the journey will take everyone.

I will not give away more details. Check back in early February for more images and individual work.

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold and gathered in my studio for this wonderful creative exchange! Welcome back designers.

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7 thoughts on “Fanning the Fires…

  1. Hi Anna,
    As you see, I am late with this . I have been considering your challenge re the 21/2 x 31/2″ fun pieces. I am not 100% certain I will be able to keep up but would like to try. Unfortunately I cannot find your initial post so I am replying here and hoping you find me .
    sounds like fun!


  2. Inspiring.


  3. Can’t wait to get started on my homework!!! I came across the following quote this morning, which I thought was appropriate – for me, at least: “The problem is never how to get new innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get the old ones out. Every mind is a building filled with archaic furniture. Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.” – Dee Hock


  4. Linda Schmidt on said:

    Sounds like a great class, Anna. Wish I was able to attend – but also happy to be back in my own space and to my unfinished and unstarted projects.


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