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Creativity Update from the Studio

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Do you ever feel like there not enough days in a week, hours in a day and minutes in an hour? Then you know exactly how I feel. I have never been without ideas and this year has not changed that so far. Just last week I shared with you some of the ideas and activities I am involved in.

Presently I am working on reviewing new handouts for the Advanced Design Class (to resume February 1st). Meanwhile I have decided to enroll in  a course. Have you heard of Creative Live? I discovered this online workshop format last year, but with limited time on my hand I didn’t follow up. With a recent reminder by a photo equipment supplier I revisited the site and decided to check out a free class. I am on day three of a five day class that is one of the best workshops I have ever been part of. Creative Live focuses on a wide range of interests, including photography, art and design, music and business practices for artists, to list a few. The concept is easy: While the class is offered live it is free to attend. If the person tuning is finds it worthwhile the class can then be purchased at a reduced fee (while the class is in progress). Let it suffice to say, the Fundamentals of Digital Photography is definitely worth the low price of approximately $ 20/day. I can review any section at any time for a deeper understanding – what a great bargain.

Between watching the online class and editing handouts I am also completing one of the projects I used as a “sample in progress” in my Kantha classes for the past two years. It is time to complete the little bag with five women dancing across the fabric. I am stitching the casing for the draw string today. A piece of deep fuchsia silk was quilted by machine earlier today and is waiting to be inserted for the lining. I can’t wait to share an image of the completed bag later this month. Meanwhile the images above have to get you excited. I am keeping a photographic record of the individual steps and plan to include the information in the revised Kantha Primer.

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