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And how is the CDA Challenge going so far?

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It’s January 24th and the 2014 CDA Challenge should be well under way. There was a good number of participants who openly declared they were up to the challenge – and I am sure there are a few of you who are “working underground”… Am I right?

Now is the time to confess and declare your “silent” or “secret” participation and sign on officially. And those of you who began with best intentions and might have fallen a little behind or have not produced a CDA (Creative Daily Act) every day – no worries. We do what we can, and we will persevere!

Last night I spent some time setting up a Flickr group for those of us who openly declared participation. I have sent out invitations to everyone who signed on and I had email addresses for. Since this group requires an invitation from me (the administrator) to join and upload images of your CDAs, please email me privately <> with your email address if you didn’t receive such an invite from Flickr.  I will issue an official invitation to join the group as soon as I have your information.


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6 thoughts on “And how is the CDA Challenge going so far?

  1. kathleen on said:

    Hi Anna! I am pleased to say so far I have had a CDA. Yippee!! Having great fun some days and creating tangentially afterwards. I do what first comes to mind when I sit down at my studio desk. As with all creative works, some are not pleasing to me yet others draw me back again and again.


  2. Elinor Burwash Designs on said:

    Hi Anna, Your images of your CDA’s are vivid and delightful. It is so interesting that one idea could soak such different responses, I haven’ t quite worked out a routine yet for my time each day to do the CDA’s and as a result am behind. I joined Flickr last night.


    • Oh Elinor – I suppose I really confused everyone… the images today are not from any of my CDAs. I merely wanted to bring some color into the post to get everyone’s attention. No worries – my “Bleak Mid-Winter” CDAs are all achromatic. I was playing for value, texture and pattern… more next week.


  3. Katina Chapman on said:

    Found your email in the trash. So far no luck setti g up a flicker account. Will try again later. Pleased to say I am right on schedule with my CDA, even found your notes from the Kantha class and did some work last night.


    • Hi Katina, great to hear you are fully immersed in the CDAs. Can’t wait to see what you are creating. About finding the note via Flickr in the trash – I was going to mention in the to check one’s trash. A good idea.
      Signing up for Flickr is easy – just check out the site. I secured my own account last year about this time and it only took a few minutes. Adding the CDA group took a little longer as I was sending out individual invites. Let me know how things go and I will see if I can add some wisdom from my end.


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