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Design Class = February Fun

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Gather 9 motivated and eager workshop participants in a space ready for learning and forget about the time. Saturday just flew by when the advanced design class came together to share and explore.

My studio looks like a bomb exploded and I am in the process of tidying up to get started on some of my own work, but I can’t help it. A smile comes to my face when I think about the creative energy that warmed the space just a couple of days ago…

Each participant has chosen their artist or architect to study and research. Many “new” names have been introduced and I am excited to follow the progress. As always, participants quickly realized that research entails numerous avenues and possibilities – three months will definitely not be enough to embrace the entire subject matter. My ultimate goal in leading this workshop is to help everyone realize that the research gathered under my tutelage will provide a bright future of sampling and creating for everyone in the class.

Enjoy the slideshow today. And remember: I was on top of taking photos for the very first part of the day – then my camera was buried under sketchbooks, samples and class materials…

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