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A Long Weekend…

AH_pic 1After  chocolates and company on Friday I spent yesterday in the studio. It was session two of Introduction to Design and ten eager students arrived with proof that they spent the last month immersing themselves in their research and design exercises. I always relish these sharing times when big smiles and a sense of pride reveal how every single person has pushed herself to dive deep into a topic of personal interest.

I witnessed great enthusiasm as everyone presented their Living Form topic. Studies are underway involving the pineapple, the “King of Fruits,” lone prairie trees, Maple trees and leaves, snails, dragonflies, butterflies, nursing babies, seahorses, wild bees, their hives and spider plants. This has to be one of the most diverse design groups I have lead and I am charged with their energy.

The day was packed with sharing research and personal revelations, the exploration of concepts like counterchange and multiple color studies. It was so busy that I completely neglected to take pictures. My camera was ready and well within reach, but my focus was completely on the design class participants. Sorry to disappoint blog visitors who were looking forward to some images of homework and in-class work. I promise to be better next month.

With the workshop materials distributed for another month I am so happy the timing for February. We woke up to blowing snow and poor visibility today. I am grateful that nobody has to be on the road to travel to and from class. We are planning an outing with the local Camera Club later this afternoon. We have the opportunity to spend time in one of Moose Jaw’s architectural landmarks, Zion United Church. Here is hoping the roads are safe for travel into the city…

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend, everyone! If you haven’t already done so, head over to my travel blog where yesterday’s post has images of the Aurora Borealis show I witnessed in Yellowknife three months ago.

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6 thoughts on “A Long Weekend…

  1. Anna you have taken me back to my most favorite place on earth. What wonderful pictures and I almost bought something at the dump. My daughter Kirsten is here for a week and I can hardly wait to show the pics. You have shorts of both of her houseboats on the lake. I know she will be so pleased to see these and long to return just as I do. After 8 years living there and my visits twice a year it is like old home week. Thanks so much for the nostalgic trip.


  2. Pat Hoyer on said:

    The best kind of class and teacher–so immersed in learning, doing and teaching there wasn’t time for photography. We will look forward to seeing the end results.


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