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A Little Visual Heat

CDA…following a blustery day filled with snow from morning to night.

I spent yesterday in the studio – snow stayed as they say. It was a good day to work on handouts for the Advanced Design class. Session three is coming up in just a little over a week.

As the day progressed I moved on to evaluating the CDAs (Creative Daily Acts) for February. “Fever” is the theme for this month. I find it very fitting, especially since I experienced a definite absence of color yesterday. Reviewing photos from last summer just didn’t provide the same “punch” as fondling threads, fabric and playing with the sewing machine. For February’s CDAs I am keeping my focus on fiber related items. I am also exploring the countless pre-programmed stitches on my Janome 7700. The tireless titanium needle punctured the fabric feverishly, and the longer I observed the patterns forming on the base fabric the more it felt like heat was filling the space.

I have heard from Katina and Elinor that this month’s CDAs are progressing well for them. How is everyone else doing thus far? Are you feeling inspired? Do you have some insights? Please weigh in with a comment and share. This is one way to keep the momentum going!

Looking forward to hearing from everyone. Stay warm and creative!

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7 thoughts on “A Little Visual Heat

  1. Kathleen on said:

    My ‘fevers’ come from thinking about fever when I go to my happy place to create. I sit at my desk, think about fever and what comes to mind right away is what I express or develop. Some fevers are bright colours, some are words, some are doodles but only a few express a similar theme. I am enjoying the process and am glad to have CDA fever!


  2. I fell into the most common ‘fever’…..spring fever! Snowstorm after snowstorm has me thinking of nothing but the bright colours of flowers and green grass! Quite behind as usual…..I’d like nothing more than a stretch of days with little else to do.


  3. elinorburwashdesigns on said:

    My “Fever” was created by watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. My eyes focused on the strong graphic lines and there was a rush for my sketchbook, I am now “colouring” in the most feverish colours I know.


  4. We are into our second weather event this week. Next one tomorrow. So lots of stitching taking place. I chose to restrict myself for February. Black fabric with only red thread, or embellishing. So far, so good. It still conveys fever and the heat we are longing for.


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