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Don’t Put Off What You Can Do Today…

Sculpture…until tomorrow. Why, you ask? If it wasn’t so disappointing it would be funny. I was diligent on Saturday and took many great photos to share on my blog post today. The design class gathering was great, filled with energy and very good work based on the extensive homework assignments.

When class finished I left the studio until today – and since I had to take some publicity pictures of my work for the upcoming Regina Art Show & Sale, my mind was projecting far ahead. I grabbed my camera, hung the art work on the design wall and before I started taking pictures I did what I always do before a new photo session: I formatted my memory card without checking what was on it.

Yes, you can go ahead and call me inattentive, and you can even call me stupid – maybe the deep freeze finally got to my brain… I was so proud of everyone’s work and was looking forward to sharing. Suffice it to say, this was a learning experience for me.

Instead of elaborating on what everyone did without images to back it up, I will share with you one of the lessons we covered in class. With so many participants getting their inspiration from architecture we discussed sculpture. I brought in several sculptural objects and we analyzed them based on the following criteria:

Analyzing 3-D Art / Sculpture
Some guidelines, questions and suggestions for observation:
There are seven formal elements. line, shape, form, colour, pattern, texture, and space. Use these as your initial starting point to focus on the work at hand.

–  Line can be the outline or lines used to create the shape – for 3-D this is usually the outline of the form.
–  Shape refers to the shape or form of the sculpture
–  Space refers to positive and negative space. The sculpture occupies the positive space, the air around it is the negative space.
–  Texture, is it smooth rough, choppy, soft, hard, etc.
–  Pattern, are there any repetitions of shapes or line or space inside the form?

–  Is the piece functional? Is the piece non-functional, decorative? Is it a combination of both? Is the item fully 3-dimensional?

– Does the piece demand your attention? Is your reaction positive or do you lose interest quickly? Why?

– View the work from all angles/sides/planes and ask yourself these questions: What materials are used? Is it representational? Does it look like something we see in life? How was it made? With clay, marble wood, plastic, metal? What emotions does it evoke in you? What do you think the artist was thinking or trying to get you to think when he/she made it?

Sorry for the lack of photos and a big apology to my students. All I can say: I am glad we have the wrap up session at the end of April, so I can capture images of the work in progress.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Put Off What You Can Do Today…

  1. Joyce McKinnon on said:

    I think your friend Elinor has right ! Last night I went to an important pastoral search meeting where there was a lot of reading, without my glasses ! I do not go anywhere without my glasses! When I got home my right hearing aid signaled me that the battery was drained! That was when I laughed !


  2. I was looking forward to some more laughs seeing Dorothy’s glasses again. The consulation is that I got to laugh over your story.


  3. elinorburwashdesigns on said:

    It is simply called overload.


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