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A Flurry of Activity…

Zone Ruler_ISO_100

…and some great news.

This post will be brief. I had one inquiry in the comment section about finishing textile art. Here is the link once more to a post from spring 2013. I hope everyone finds it helpful.

Over the weekend I received the equivalent to “the fat envelope”. I n other words I had great news: In January I had created new work for a call for entry by the FFAA (Focus on Fibre Art Association). The triptych “Prairie Vista” and the quilted piece “Miles from Nowhere” were both juried into the upcoming “Prairies” Exhibition in Edmonton. The opening takes place Sunday, May 4th, 2014 at 7 pm at Enterprise Square in Edmonton, AB.

On another note, the studio is in transition: I am preparing for the last design class of the winter season. On Saturday the students will gather one more time to share and receive the last instructions before everyone heads to their respective creative space to explore countless possibilities to create one piece in their chosen medium for the exhibition in June at my studio. I am always looking forward what participants bring back on session three as this often presents a jumping off point for the art piece. Stay tuned – I plan to take pictures and keep them this time!

Speaking of pictures: This year I decided to get to know as much as possible about my camera, and I am exploring a number of exercises that will shed light on the technical aspects of photography and cameras. (This pun was intended…).

Just this week I learned the zone system in photography. One of the exercises I explored in depth was to create a grey scale based on my camera’s sensor. I discovered that my camera has a dynamic range of 13, which is very impressive (most cameras have only 10 or less). I finally understand why my camera is advertised as “producing excellent results in low light situations.”

Today’s image is of the grey scale I created by photographing an 18 % grey card. I analyzed the RGB values in Photoshop and subsequently assembled the grey scale. I love to learn, and this has been a great challenge. I realize that this technical information was missing from my strong interest in photography. With limited time and space to create art work at the moment I found that I am able to put in the time and invest energy in reading and following through with the camera exercises. It is a slight diversion from fiber art, but photographing art work is part of an artist’s skill. The more I know the better I will be able to render images of my work.

Outside the studio the snow is steadily melting! We have had sunshine and very warm temperatures. Spring break up has begun. This is a far cry from the near -60 C temperatures we experienced two weeks ago. It gives us all hope that the ice age has not arrived despite serious doubts this winter…

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4 thoughts on “A Flurry of Activity…

  1. Anna, congatulations on your “fat envelope”! Hope I can see these pieces (“Prairie Vista” & “Miles from Nowhere”) some day. Alas, I won’t be making it to Edmonton either.


  2. Donna Cutler on said:

    Way to go Anna! I’m not surprised that you were accepted though – your work is gorgeous. I’m hoping to get to Edmonton to see this exhibition and will definitely look for your pieces. Again, congratulations!…….donna


    • Thanks, Donna! I am pleased with the positive reception of the work. Wish I could make it to Edmonton but my schedule is pretty full already this year… but there is still time to make a decision.


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