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Calls for entry are published every hour, every day and every week. In 2010 I created a quilt for “Quilt National ’11” that was promptly rejected. I was not too crushed, as I realize that calls for entry are much like jobs – besides I loved the quilt and was certain that it would have many opportunities to be shown. We select an interesting description, put in our application (in the case of a call for entry, we put together the pertinent information and get good photographs for submission), and then we wait for the interview. In the art world that equates to the time the jurors meet in person (or virtually) and decide if your work “fits in” by evaluating color and design, and if the workmanship is up to the standards set by the organization (if this is a quilt show).

I knew that it would be easier to get into Harvard Law than get an acceptance letter to Quilt National – although the first time I applied in 2008 for 2009 I was accepted. I beat the odds.

No matter what, when  I received the “skinny envelope” in 2010. I wasted no time and entered “Joie de Vivre” into Dimensions, the Saskatchewan Craft Council’s call for entry to showcase excellence in craft. “Joie de Vivre” won the Excellence in Quilting award in 2011 and traveled the province for a little over a year. Last year the same quilt received an honorable mention award at the “Grand National” in Kitchener/Waterloo.

A couple of years ago I heard that Linda Seward, an accomplished quilt maker and author in the UK was seeking art quilt images around the world. Nothing ventured, nothing gained – I sent in images of “Joie de Vivre” and Linda accepted these. I received a very enthusiastic email and was so happy that the quilt met with her approval. In 1999, when I first embarked on a City & Guilds Certificate in Patchwork and Quilting I bought Linda Seward’s book The Complete Book of Quilting, Patchwork and Applique. It served me well as I immersed myself in sampling to establish proficiency in meeting the course objectives. I treated it as my go-to reference. Linda writing style and illustrations are always clear and easy to grasp, even for a beginner.

Now you can understand my excitement that my quilt “Joie de Vivre” was included into her newest book The Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting. But wait, it gets better – much better: Earlier this week I received word that a detail of “Joie de Vivre” will be part of the book cover. I realize that this may only be in the European edition. So often individual covers are designed for different countries. But for now, I am feeling very fortunate to have my work selected as part of a book cover. The book is off to the printers and is scheduled to be released this fall. I will keep you posted as soon as I find out more.

The next place “Joie de Vivre” will be exhibited is at the Invitational Quilt Show during Quilt Canada in St. Catharine’s, ON,  June 2014.

Enjoy your weekend, I am all set for my last design class in the studio… I will try to keep the camera close by to capture this month’s accomplishments. More to follow next week.

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20 thoughts on “Cover “Girl”

  1. Judith KH on said:

    I join with others in congratulating you on this achievement Anna. Good for you! It just goes to show what belief in oneself, belief in one’s work, and persistence can do. This is great news and I look forward to viewing the book with its Anna Hergert – crafted cover.


  2. Dianne Firth on said:

    Congratulations Anna! You deserve it as you work very hard and are dedicated to everything you do.


  3. Congratulations Anna! Wonderful news and recognition for your fantastic work.


  4. Congratulations, Anna! I am so excited for you.


  5. Hermina Joldersma on said:

    Congratulations – this is wonderful!! It reminds me of early advice I got in my academic life: if an article you have submitted gets rejected, and you believe in it, don’t agonize but pop it right into the next envelope and send it to the next suitable journal. It’s advice that saved my sanity on several occasions.


  6. This is a lovely quilt.


  7. paulajolly on said:

    Congratulations Anna! And Thank You for your words of encouragement on being AND not being accepted into shows and competitions!! We are all privileged to know you!


    • I don’t know anyone who has not been rejected from a show. This is part and parcel of the art world! We need to grow thicker skin and be honest about it. It’s not always rosy and wonderful – just like making art has its struggles, entering shows is not cut and dry and easy.


  8. Linda on said:

    Congratulations!! You are an amazing artist and deserve the recognition!


  9. Judy Morningstar on said:

    Congratulations on being a cover! That is wonderful! Your quilt is so full of energy and excitement. I wish I could be as laid back about rejections as you. I have pretty much quit trying, and am sewing down my stash which should take slightly less than 400 years.


    • Never stop trying – every show has different expectations and standards. Life is not always easy, challenges are part of the course. Rejection from a quilt show is an opportunity to try again.


  10. Carol Ewles on said:

    Congratulations Anna. That is a wonderful accomplishment. See you tomorrow.


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