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Of Triskeles, Hexagons, Fibonacci Sequence, Counterchange and Cross Sections

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It’s official, the 2014 introductory and advanced design classes in my studio are finished. Two very committed groups with diverse interests are now off to their respective studio spaces to further dive into the exercises and homework  to isolate one or two designs to translate into their chosen medium.

Yesterday’s group arrived in full daylight (we started in January when the arrival was closer to sunrise), ready to share and collaborate. The day passed very quickly with sharing sessions, discussion and a few select exercises. 5 pm was here before we realized it and we waved good bye. We will reconvene on April 26th to share and answer questions regarding the final project for the exhibition June 27th and 28th, 2014

And just in case you were wondering: This month I was prepared with camera close by, and before I could embark on any other photographic excursions (and absentmindedly reformat the data) I extracted the memory card and downloaded all images captured during the class.

Enjoy the slide show with selected images today! And before you ask in the comment section what a Triskele might be: It is a figure composed of three segments, usually curved or bent branches that radiate from the center of a circle.Have a close look at the images – I am sure you can identify a few triskeles…

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