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March CDAs

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Is it just me or does 2014 move at a faster pace? When I looked at the calendar today and completed my last CDA for March the realization set in that 2014 is into its second quarter as of tomorrow.

“Time flies when you have fun!” is another way to look at it. Did you have fun with the “All That Jazz” theme in March? I had very few emails – some stating that the theme was at times difficult to interpret… I have to admit it took me some time to come up with an idea – but once the concept was realized I had a hard time containing my creativity.

So, what did I choose to do in March? I went to my “special” papers folder and discovered a handful of hand made and embellished papers. Embellished with what? you ask. I used anything from foil, glitter glue to silk fibers, sheers and gold lame snip-its, PVA glue and treasure gold. I used a variety of hand-made and commercial papers from water color (cold pressed), to wall paper, recycled manila envelopes, and tissue papers. I flooded them with paint, spent dye and let them dry. to treat them with oil sticks, wax crayons, metallic acrylic inks.. and all that jazz.

There is no stitching on my CDAs this month as I loved the way the paper looked and felt in my hands. With teaching from the studio and a trip to Winnipeg to judge my time was once more precious and I stuck to my initial plan: No more than 10 – 15 minutes per CDA.

Enjoy the slide show today. And, I know you have all been waiting for April’s theme: “GREEN”… think Earth Day, Springtime, Easter, fresh, good for you, green is the complementary color to red. Green extends into yellow and blue on the color wheel when worked in an analogous way. GREEN should have us all bursting with ideas. Spring is here – let’s get creative. Green is energizing!! Have fun.

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11 thoughts on “March CDAs

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  2. elinorburwashdesigns on said:

    Super interpretation of the theme Anna. Mine celebrated women jazz vocal wrists and they too have some glitz. Verry time intensive and a great learning experience about some new materials and some jazz artists.


  3. Marilyn on said:

    Great minds think alike Anna, I too had fun with paper and sparkles and collage, Love your CDA’s . Cheers, Marilyn , still in Ecuador


  4. Vivian on said:

    I also struggled with the theme and attempted various ideas, only to realize that All That Jazz conjured up the same thoughts as it did for you too, Anna! Plus, I wanted all my pieces to be shiny and glittery and sparkly! So…I dug into my various samples of foiling and stamping and other embellishing techniques in order to create festive looking CDA’s ……very different from what I would normally do. I was thinking of jazz festivals and carnivals which speaks bright, glittery things. I
    I also struggled with time to do them, as crazy as it sounds. But with a two month job contract and wild, winter weather here in the Maritimes, I’ve spent far too much time shovelling snow, and getting used to being away from the house everyday.
    No excuses…but the posting on Flickr will be my next hurdle!


  5. Katina on said:

    I too found the theme tough. Then I focused on St. Patricks Day and green. I wasn’t all that pleased with what I had produced. Then a trip to the library gave me one of the best books I have come across in years. Bead Embroidery Stitch Samples by Yasuko Endo. Within a week I had ordered my own copy. So my March CDA’s became samples of embroidery and beading combined. Something I have been incorporating into my quilts. So All That Jazz is the beads. Love your paper work Anna.


  6. ekhaugli on said:

    Well, as a lover of paper, I think each one is beautiful with lovely textures and patters. Very inspiring 🙂


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