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Luscious Color Leads to Inspiration

fabricsJust a week ago I shared that when I finished my last quilt sparked some great new ideas, least of all one for a new workshop. I have a few samples to use for such a workshop, but in all honesty, nothing fires me up more than new work.

All winter I dabbled in this and that. I completed the triptych (incidentally also  in silk) for the FFAA “Prairies” exhibition in Edmonton. This is different: I actually have some concrete sketches and firm goals to create a body of work that incorporates my hand-dyed cottons with silk in strong hues. The thought is, not to make the pieces very large – but initial goals about size have been abandoned in every other work created in the past. I am allowing myself space and leeway to respond to future influences and ideas. For now I just wanted to share this rich, colorful image of my inspirational fabric.


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10 thoughts on “Luscious Color Leads to Inspiration

  1. elinorburwashdesigns on said:

    The colours in themselves are inspiring, I will be interested in the design process that takes you from a range of colours to a creation,


  2. Carol Ewles on said:

    I love silk and the effects you get with it. These are gorgeous colors. I can’t wait to see your inspiration in the finished product.


    • Carol, the way I am going to work on this series is intuitively but incorporating the elements and principles of design. A number of recent personal experiences have sparked the inspiration…


  3. Pat Hoyer on said:

    Yummm! Looking forward to seeing the results.


  4. Katina on said:

    Where do you buy silk? I want to try crazy quilting, and fabric folding.


    • Katina, I have bought silk at Indian Sari shops, Fabricland and Quilt Stores. Silk is becoming increasingly popular and you should be able to find it near you. Have you tried an online source?


  5. I love the colors, Anna! AND the fabrics. I’ve never worked with silk but it’s on my bucket list.


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