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A busy weekend…

I know, I know – this blog is not about the weather, but today I can’t help it. After mostly sun on Saturday heavy rains arrived late afternoon. It rained all night and day Sunday. I was hopeful that this would aid the ice break up on the lake. I was busy in the studio with the design student wrap up – an event that makes any bad weather go away…

When I opened my eyes this morning I saw that bright light was entering the house. Could it be sunshine? This is what I discovered when I pulled up the blind in the bedroom…

A year ago today I was exploring Chaco Canyon in New Mexico in 30 C weather getting my first sun burn of the year…

Chaco Canyon viewWhat a difference a year makes!

But, as I mentioned in the video: It’s a perfect day for the studio. I am sorting images captured of design students all day Saturday and Sunday presenting their work and plans for a final project to be revealed during the Open Studio Event in late June . The perfect weekend event to keep me fired up for the months ahead. Check back soon. I am going to post images of each person’s progress later this week.


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3 thoughts on “A busy weekend…

  1. Your open studio event sounds exciting.


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