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April CDAs: On display…

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So, you are asking yourself: “What was she thinking?”

Sometimes we have to step out of the box, really far out of the box. I stuck to the rules: no new supplies and stretch your imagination while compiling my April CDAs. I used heavy card stock, watercolor pencils, glue, recycled magazines and an old Reader’s Digest book. The story was a “cheesy” Western and I responded to the words that struck me most on each given day. In the end – I have a little story that supports the imagery.

The point is that the “story” has relevance for me. I am putting myself out there with something that I don’t usually share and that does not relate to textiles. I am exploring – some call it play, I call it exploration. I explore techniques, supplies, their limitations and their possibilities to arrive at an outcome that is either satisfactory or leaves room for more… This one definitely leaves room for more.

Four months down – eight months of CDAs to go . What will May and “Imagination” bring – I have started my exploration – have you?

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