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Sunshine has to wait

Buffalo Pound Panorama from my studioYes, spring is finally here! The ice disappeared two days ago and as if on cue – the sun came out yesterday turning the water deep blue, perfect for those graceful pelican landings I am so fond of.


The wild crocus has intensified in color since last week and this is what it looked like last night during the “golden hour” before sunset.

All this has to wait right now: With my studio back in my own hands after sharing it for the winter with students I am now putting my energy into packing kits for my upcoming workshops at Quilt Canada. Every time I pack for 20 workshop participants I wonder why I considered packing kits… not only do the prices change compared to 18 months ago when I had to quote a kit price, but also the availability of certain supplies changes. As a result, I am on day four of assembling kits for the three day class. Here are a couple of images of how the studio looks right now. Packing for Quilt Canada 1Yes, there are used dryer sheets, canvas, felting tools, batting and fabric for facing. I am almost ready to place each kit into a large Ziploc bag for shipping to Ontario.

Packing for Quilt Canada 2Brushes, paints, heat guns, soft pastels and charcoal will be packed into separate bags shortly. I may need to send this in two boxes…

Time to get back to work – my goal today is to finish packing for Quilt Canada. I have an art show and sale to pack for next! Hope you are able to catch a few rays of sunshine – store some for me, please.




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10 thoughts on “Sunshine has to wait

  1. Judith KH on said:

    Your crocus photos are masterful Anna. You have captured the lovely rich colour and fuzzy aura of those single blossoms so artfully they are an absolute joy to view. Thank you for becoming so entranced with your camera that we can in turn be entranced with these tiny, exquisite and inspirational images of spring. They are definitely ‘Saskatchewan calendar’ worthy.


  2. Sandra hamilton on said:

    Having been a student at Quilt Canada I really appreciate kits. It takes so much worry out of getting ready for a class far from home and adds to the enjoyment of the whole experience.


  3. Linda on said:

    Let’s hope for ample sun in Ontario in June!!


  4. Pat Menon on said:

    I am happily gloating over your photographs —- because one of those exciting-looking kits is for me!


  5. Theresa Duncan on said:

    If you’re one of the lucky students enrolled in Anna’s Quilt Canada class, you are in for a real treat. What you will produce out if those kits (thank you Anna for assembling!) will be incredible. Good luck to all of you!


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