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Looking for Meteors…

018_May 23_24_2014 color cor_reduced…but we only made star trails. A welcome break from a busy week. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Looking for Meteors…

  1. marginmirror on said:

    Intrigued by the church. Where is it?


    • The church is located about 18 km south from where we live – between Tuxford and Buffalo Pound Provincial Park (28 km north and east of Moose Jaw). It is St. Columbia Anglican church, in the middle of nowhere – open year-round, never locked!


  2. Lily on said:

    Tripod? Open shutter for how long? What camera do you shoot with? I was a photography student and remember taking open lens shots. Never did this particular one. I have SLR bodies but film and paper can’t be found with digital these days. Have a Lumix but want to upgrade to SLR digital. Your photos are as interesting to me as are your quilts. Thanks QBL Molas


    • Hi Lily, thanks for touching base. I used a Nikon D610, Sigma 24 – 70 mm @ 24 mm, f/4,ISO 200,tripod mounted. I made 19 exposures on bulb setting for 4 minutes each. Once I downloaded the images I imported them into a free program called StarStax which effortlessly blends them to connect the star trails. I did some color correcting in Photoshop to the final image as there was a lot of light pollution from cars and trucks. In fact the church was bathed in red from some back up lights – very distressing, but good old Photoshop did the trick. Hope this helps. If you want to see more photos with technical info please visit my other website htt://


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